A Look At Web TV On The Nokia N8 – In Video

Web TV is Nokia’s new video on demand application that will be pre-loaded on the Nokia N8 and possibly other Symbian^3 devices when they ship. To put it simply, Web TV is basically Flash lite video streamed over WIFI or 3G from a host of different content providers that vary from country to country.

A Look At Web TV On The Nokia N8 - In Video

There are a bunch of channels pre-loaded on each device based the regions the device is shipping to and you can even download more from the Ovi Store from right withing the Web TV application. While the app will come pre-loaded with CNN, National Geographic and Paramount in most parts of the world, Nokia is also working with content providers in more than 28 different countries to provide local content.

Nokia is looking at all sorts of content for the application, be it episodes of popular TV series, movie trailers, short clips, news and so on.

So what did I think of the application? Here is my overview in glorious HD.

If you are not too keen on watching the video, here’s a quick summary:

  • The quality of the content is good and videos look great on the N8’s screen. Also, because the N8 has a pretty decent loudspeaker, you can keep yourself entertained without needing headphones.
  • One irritation is that you still need to allow access to data everytime you launch a new channel, even on WIFI.
  • The video can be played on a large screen via HDMI, however the quality understandably doesn’t look as pleasing but remains watchable.
  • Apart from that the service is solid, how successful it will be depends on the content Nokia is able to attract. In India,from what I recall channels like NDTV and CNBC are going to be made available in-addition to others.

What I’d like to see next?

  • The possibility to buy paid content such as movies and episodes of popular series from within the app, possibly via the Ovi Store.
  • This is stretching it, but if Nokia can offer HD streaming via their partners, that will really make great use of the N8’s HDMI capabilities.

Are you looking forward to Web TV?

5 thoughts on “A Look At Web TV On The Nokia N8 – In Video”

  1. This is SO close to being a direct competitor to Apple TV and that just shows the power of the N8. All that needs for that to happen is more movie and TV content (easy), some way to interface with a remote control or an official Nokia bluetooth remote, and Nokia to really push the N8 as an alternative to Apple TV (e.g. “Hey, why buy an Apple TV when you already have one in your pocket!?…Nokia N8”).

  2. I can’t believe that Nokia really is that retarded.

    If Symbian^3 is indeed completely rewritten code, why the hell did they leave those GOD DAMN ANNOYING pop-ups then? Everyone that knows of them, dislikes them very much.

    “now leaving secure site, continue?”
    “security warning,”
    “please use the microphone on the phone”

    Just stop. Please.

    That security warning especially, there’s that option ‘allow always’, so technically it shouldn’t ask it anymore with this particular service, but in my 5800XM it always asked it nevertheless. It doesn’t remember it in ANY services I’ve been using.

    What the fuck, Nokia.

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