In-Depth Look At The Video Editor On The Nokia N8

One of the new things that the new Symbian^3 OS brings is a pretty capable video editor that allows you to edit HD video right on the mobile phone. You can merge clips, add images, throw in transitions, replace the audio with music, trim clips, add titles and captions, pretty much everything that you’ll want to do before you share the glorious video that you have shot on the phone.

The whole process of manipulating video is pretty simple and you feel at home the moment you start the application. Here is an in-depth look at the Nokia N8’s video editor in glorious HD.

Considering the fact that event my Macbook screams when it comes to editing video in HD, the results and speed the N8 manages to pull off is pretty impressive. Some transitions, specially in the photo slideshow look a little jerky, but it may just have been the style of that particular theme.

Here is a video that I produced on the N8 immediately after recording the demo that you saw above, it took me under 5 minutes to produce.

  • Added a Title screen with a transition.
  • Selected two clips, trimmed one down to include just the middle part of it.
  • Added another transition.
  • Added background music.
  • Ended with another text based slide.

With an upload service such as pixelpipe running, the N8 becomes a true multimedia sharing powerhouse. For a long time image and video editors on the device have been more of gimmicks than actually usable apps, riddled with stability issues. But it looks like onboard editing on the Nokia N8 not just does the job, but impresses. After all, the application came for free, inbuilt on the phone and you didn’t have to buy it, unlike Apple’s iMovie for iPhone.

7 thoughts on “In-Depth Look At The Video Editor On The Nokia N8”

  1. Great post Vaibhav! Thanks, have been wanting to checkout the vid editor for quite a while now and nobody seems to have done a vid like this before.

  2. @Vaibhav: I can’t help but the photo slideshow does not look smooth while performing. Is it the video on youtube or the N8 itself?

  3. @Alex
    I’m pretty sure it’s N8 itself. But for me it looked like a preview before proper render. Notice that ‘Save’ option was available. Maybe then it renders to a video file?

  4. Really strange that the N8 doesn’t come with decent media sharing. One of the strongpoints of the N900 for me is the ability to just upload anything and everything on my phone to an online service.

    But this looks very promising, I was very impressed by the S60 5th Ed video editor as well, but this seems lightyears ahead. Who needs a computer?

  5. Is one able to ‘rotate’ a video clip? It was shot vertically (portrait), and plays back on tv and pc in ‘landscape’, ie on its side!

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