Nokia Gives Symbian A Continuous Evolution Model – Opens The Door To OS Updates

Today Nokia put out a press release outlining its Symbian and MeeGo strategy, a release which should put a smile on a lot of Symbian^3 users’ faces. It announced that Qt will be its sole application development framework to ensure that applications will continue to be compatible with future evolutions of Symbian as well as upcoming MeeGo products.  Also that it would also be putting its weight behind HTML5 for development of Web content and applications for both Symbian and MeeGo platforms and that it will develop its own future applications using Qt for a more consistent experience and better integration of applications and services.

Nokia Gives Symbian A Continuous Evolution Model - Opens The Door To OS Updates

But what should interest you most is this part of the press release:

One benefit of this simplified approach is that planned and future improvements in Symbian will be developed in Qt and will be compatible with the existing Symbian^3 platform release.  This means that Nokia’s continued commitment to develop the Symbian platform will benefit not only future users of Symbian-based products, but will result in updates and upgrades for existing Symbian^3 users.  The resulting change to a model of continuous evolution replaces the previous release-based model. Nokia will no longer refer to Symbian^3 or Symbian^4.  The benefit to consumers will be a constant improvement in the experience of their Symbian-based Nokia products.

Bottomline? Nokia is dropping the Symbian^3 or ^4 branding and moving to the continuous evolution model of OS updates, much like some of the competition, rather than the release based model in which a Symbian^3 device was stuck at Symbian^3 and to get a newer OS you had to get a new device. So if you have a N8 or a C7 any other Symbian^3 device, rest assured that Nokia will take you along for the ride when Symbian becomes newer and more shiny.

Rich Green, CTO of Nokia: “For developers, it will open up a huge installed customer base for their applications.  For consumers, it means a more compelling engagement with their Nokia product in terms of access to the best applications in the marketplace and a constantly improving product experience.”

So all of you who were worried about whether or not devices like the N8 would get an update to Symbian^4, can breathe easy. Its a great move by Nokia, giving the consumers one less reason to worry about.

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11 thoughts on “Nokia Gives Symbian A Continuous Evolution Model – Opens The Door To OS Updates”

  1. This is one great news! Now I’m seriously considering to buy the N8 or E7…

    @ZeroLinesOfCode: Symbian^1 devices don’t have a GPU which is now mandatory at least for the Symbian^3 platform (don’t know about Symbian^2 used by japanese phone makers).

  2. So, Symbian 4 is cancelled, and we have to hope Nokia will continue to innovate on top of their existing platforms, and not do a N900 and drop support for the platform a few months after release ?

  3. @flex Symbian is modular, and therefore S^3 does not *require* a GPU. But the best analogy here is probably like trying to run Windows 7 on a computer that was designed for Windows 98.

  4. Wow, I have to say I have probably made the best decision ever to buy the N8. Love the phone anyhow, but this makes me even more enthusiastic about recommending the S^3 platform to other consumers.

    So who are the other manufacturers that use this model. Is it Android?

  5. Great news. Its a relief cause I just bought my n8 last saturday and my wife got hers today.hope nokia doesn’t mess on this one then. Not really looking forward to the Microsoft+Nokia device…but surprise me if you can

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