Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Firmware Now Available

Well in time for the MeeGo Conference next month, Nokia has just started the rollout of the all new PR 1.3 firmware (v20.2010.36-2) for the N900. The update is available over the air (OTA) in the UK with other countries expected to follow suit tomorrow. It should also be available via Nokia’s Software Updater in the coming days.

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Firmware Now Available

Once the firmware images become available, you can also simply grab the vanilla version for PR 1.3 for your region and get flashing using this guide. If you are on a Mac, this is the guide to follow. The new firmware brings bug fixes, stability improvements and support for Nokia’s Ovi Suite. The Nokia Music Store will also be accessible from the device allowing for DRM free downloads.

This firmware is also supposed to aid developers (& power users?) in dual booting their devices into MeeGo and I suspect this would be the main draw come November and the MeeGo Conference.

If you are developer, you should be pleased to know that the new firmware:

‘It also aligns the Qt application and UI framework with the planned version for the MeeGo 1.1 platfrom (Qt 4.7).  Qt Mobility 1.0.2 APIs for mobile development are also included’. Essentially, even without MeeGo1.1 handsets, you can built now apps for it using the N900 running  PR1.3, and Qt4.7.

Fortunately, I’m headed to the MeeGo Conference and will be keeping a eye out on the latest. Make sure you follow @TheHandheldBlog on Twitter or grab our full feed RSS to keep on top of the latest.

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  1. There is nothing new! in the matter affect, the anoying virtual keyboard bug messing up the text, is a high priority bug, but not fixed.

    Also the mediaplayer widget still looses the play button sometimes.

    sd card still not supported on ovi suite.

    N900 still looses typed text in virtual keyboard mode when screen locks and unlocks.

    Music player shows the time of music like this: 03.5 instead of 03.50

    This is one of the most terrible updates ever made by nokia!

    The overall preformance is a little better and the battery is also.

    Nokia isn’t putting time in fixing stuff, the only thing they are doing right now is, building meego. They couldn’t care less about the maemo community.

  2. I have a problem while connecting to works fine. Does someone has the same problems today?

  3. Yes i been tryin all day, think server is slow coz so many people are on it, prob reading the pr 1.3 threads.

  4. “Marius Gedminas said:

    I get offered an OTA upgrade of Maemo 5, but when I try to actually upgrade, the app manager tells me I must use Nokia Software Suite instead.”

    I have exactly the same problem – what is the reason for that – can anybody help ???
    (is it perhaps related with amount of free memory if rootfs ??? – if yes what is the needed amount ???)

  5. I need some urgent help, so i downloaded the latest OVI suite and installed it. Then i went in to download my new software for my N900, now it is stuck at step 3. Install.
    It says installing and do not disconnect phone, so i leave it then a notification pops up “N900 disconnected” Then OVI says “no USB cable connection” then i wait 1 minute and it connects again and OVI says “USB connection is active” I click on next and it all happens over again!!
    HELP me plz

  6. For those of you who have problems regarding the need of using nokia ovi suite: you need to free as much memory of your device as you can. Uninstall apps (games will vastly help) and you’ll be able to proceed.



  7. After upgrading to PR1.3, has anyone lost applications installed previously? As Seb and Matt said, I’ve been trying during the whole day. The only time I could go inside, I’ve read about this new upgrading “feature” …. can anyone confirm about the final status of the N900 after upgrading?

  8. Any feedback on dual boot capability that PR 1.3 was supposed to have ? Do we have Meego show up in the dual boot option if you see the dual boot screen.

  9. Anyone have an idea on how much space needs to be freed up in the available for installation memory? I am at 1.06GB and still get the need to use Nokia Suite notice. Thanks

  10. we all lost our previously installed apps and cant reinstall them also
    i have upgraded to pr 1.3 there is no dualboot option and no meego

  11. Get an iPhone its better than all the crappy updates from nokia.. or an Android device.. Let nokia Suffer Muuhahahaha

  12. OTA update went smoothly, old apps work well. I am in Finland.

    To me it was odd that samegame qml demo app also worked. I sent Qt 4.7 QML test file to N900 and run it in qmlviewer. It didn’t work.

    So do I need to update Qt to 4.7 version also?

  13. No new Vanilla is seen open your eyes! so you need the latest!


  14. I too was unable to upgrade as the Maemo5 package told me it required PC Suite on my PC. Thanks Vaibhav Sharma for informing us that it is really due to lack of space on the root filesystem. Why can’t Nokia just be up-front and tell the user that, instead of mysteriously requiring some software on ones PC?

    Anyway, in the process of clearing up room on the rootfs I must have done something wrong, because now I’m stuck in a reboot loop. Yay for no error messages! 🙁 And, heh, the forums that might contain useful information are down (due to overload?). I just can’t win 🙂 Luckily I made a backup just before this mess started, so hopefully most things can be restored without too much trouble, after a reflash.

    Mansour, you gotta remember that different people have different needs, and certain features appeal to certain people. I for example love being able to run most of my favorite Linux programs on my phone without too much mucking around with jailbreaking and such. That I can’t get from an iPhone. And likewise you have your good reasons for wanting an iPhone or Android phone.

  15. I received an OTA message today in the Netherlands ans installed the update.
    Dont’t see anything about dualboot, nor any other differende.
    Haven’t spent time to figure out the differences, but as far as i can see now, there are no remarkable differences. Have been searching for a change log but didn’t find it so far.

  16. Hello, just updated in the Netherlands. all works fine but no differences. All the annoying bugs still exist. Better of with an Android or Iphone. Nokia does not take the Maemo platform serious. Only busy with the new N8. Very, very disappointing.

  17. I updated through the ovi suite and it lost all installed apps i had, plus now i have trouble with wi-fi. I really dont see much difference from previous update.

  18. I”m also getting the message to update via PC Suite and USB cable. When I Check “details” and “problems” I get the following message:

    Unable to update ‘Maemo 5’. Conflict with application packages: libqt4-test (4.6.2-git20100401-0maemo1+0m5)

    Any ideas?

  19. i tried uninstalling the wifi hotspot app the other day and ever since then my n900 has been stuck doing an endless reboot. i didnt back up my stuff before trying to uninstall the app :(. is there any UDP with this device? will flashing 1.3 erase my contacts, pictures, etc stored on the phone? would reflashing 1.2 erase them? thanks guys!

  20. To answer a couple of questions here, I did an upgrade and no installed apps were removed. Everything was still there after the upgrade, incl desktop wallpapers, settings, etc.

    It said it needed 90mb for the update.

    The bad thing about the update? Everything looks and behaves the same, not a single noteworthy fix! Talk about disappointing upgrade…

  21. finished downloading PR 1.3. i lost all the apps i installed…if you got backup you can restore apps list u had b4, you previous settings etc… unfortunately apps needs to be downloaded again…in my case my previous installed apps was almost 1GB…i wished i can sleep and leave while installing but there are some apps you have to tick or agree…it took me almost 4hours to do the entire thing.
    For now i dont see great improvement yet, other than its speedier, bugs in rotatedaemon(i never used) and vertsms has been fixed.
    So sad tht portrait mode isnt still available.
    good morning its 3am now n hv a sleep:D

  22. Marvellous, I need to install it via PC/Ovi Suite: something Nokia have been promising for on a Mac for only 3 years. Looks like I won’t get this update without effort.

  23. Just installed it OTA here in New York. Perfect update… no problems at all. I think the problems people are experiencing are because they updated their phone with dodgy software still installed. I only install software from the “approved” catalogs — not the test or dev ones.

    If you plan to update, make sure you remove any “experimental” software beforehand.

  24. If OTA is offered and then it says you have to use Nokia PC Suite, just uninstall apps and disable the extras-devel, extras-testing and repositories.

    That worked for me, but remember to make a copy before you start to delete programs .

  25. i up datede from the fone and dont have the battery indicator level…its gone…anybodi appened the when i chrge the fone we wont do the charge noise…help please

  26. @laustmcgregor thank you for the feedback.Still waiting for OTA update,since i m getting a”use pc suite to update”message.

  27. Installed the update OTA here in New Mexico, USA. No problems encountered. No lost apps. No lost data. Only difference I noticed so far is that capitalization after punctuation is no longer forced (which I found very annoying after the last update).

  28. Some ppl have been experiencing problems with OTA update. I had too. There was a conflict in some libs. Once I unistalled the applications with conflicts(PYQt4,healthcheck), OTA update went fine.

  29. i just found out that tweak flash isnt working now…maybe PR 1.3 is not supported yet. Tweakflash supports flash10…i hope it will come out soon

  30. i ve received the notice message on the PR1.3 update yesterday… when i try 2 perform update… normally i always did the check on the details b4 the update… i see there is some message in the problem tab saying “unable to update. conflicting with libgles1-sgx-img.”

    what is this and how to proceed with this?

  31. now i just came up an experiment how to enable Tweakflash that emulates flash player 10. you have to go to settings since PR 1.3 isnt in the list try to scroll to PR 1.2 then tick Manually typing 20 0 36 respectively tick change. and viola:D

  32. I have installed since this morning and i have been all day looking for something different in my n900 and y cant see it.
    Poor battery life like always.
    It is a waste of time and i cant call this an update.
    The only thing i like is that now i can use ovi suite to send and receive messages in my pc.
    This “update” looks like the consolation prize for the N900 owners before meego.

    Im trying to keep my phone, but now i think that the N900 owners are alone in the dark. Im so dissapointed with nokia and this “update”

  33. for those that cant install over the air and it says install using pc.

    uninstall tux 3d and bliss n900 then trie again

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