Instant Search Comes To Symbian With Tap2It

Google’s rolled out instant search on Android and the iPhone, and if you you own a Symbian^3 device and have been wondering what the experience is like, give Tap2It a spin. The app is a free download from the Ovi Store and uses the Google platform APIs to search across websites, images, local content and youtube videos instantly.

Instant Search Comes To Symbian With Tap2It Instant Search Comes To Symbian With Tap2It

While we wait for an official Symbian portrait QWERTY, the developers of Tap2It have included a portrait QWERTY of their own and it works well considering you only need to input a limited amount of text. The only problem is that everytime you launch the app, you need to ‘allow it to connect’ to the internet. I wonder when will Nokia finally get rid of this annoying dialog box.

If you would like to see Tap2It in action, here’s short YouTube demo. The folks at the Ovi Daily App blog also have lots to say about it.

Let us know what you think.

Hat tip to Daily Mobile for the find.

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