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WhatsApp For Symbian Updated – Now Supports Multimedia & Location Sharing

By - On 24 December 2010 22 Comments

WhatsApp is a cross platform app that allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts using a data connection (or WIFI) in the same way as SMS. Additionally you can also send multimedia files and share your location from within the app. The best thing about the way it works is that you do not need to add people to your friend list, if they are in your phonebook and use WhatsApp, they will automatically show up in your friend list.

Until today, the Symbian version did not support multimedia or location sharing and you were restricted to plain texts, but that’s changed with the new 2.2.21 update that available directly from the WhatsApp website. While WhatsApp is available from the Ovi Store, it still has the old version and unfortunately Ovi Store doesn’t support app updates yet.

WhatsApp For Symbian Updated - Now Supports Multimedia & Location Sharing WhatsApp For Symbian Updated - Now Supports Multimedia & Location Sharing

As you can see, the ability share pictures, video and audio is all there. The nice thing is that the shared location can be opened in Ovi Maps and you can directly start navigating.

WhatsApp For Symbian Updated - Now Supports Multimedia & Location Sharing WhatsApp For Symbian Updated - Now Supports Multimedia & Location Sharing

The new version also has tabs for chats, your favourite contacts and finally all the contacts in your phonebook. The first year usage of WhatsApp is free, I recommend you give it a go.

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  • Simon said:

    I guess this app is useful to some but I tried it out and, solely based on it’s missing option to completely switch off the app/connectivity, I uninstalled it soon after. It’s one of those apps that doesn’t fully close when you exit the app. Okay, I understand there is a need for that for those who always wish to be connected and sharing info or location, however, even in my home network, I don’t want the “closed” app to always be hunting for wifi, even prompting for new wireless networks, and connecting to 3G. I want to be able to switch it on when I want it and then off. There should be an unequivocal option to switch OFF the app and then I might give it another chance to look for the positives.

  • Abdulla said:

    I completely agree with Simon. The app is killing my battery, and even though its great, the very fact that it can’t be turned completely off, and that whenever there is no wifi network it will keep showing a conn. failed message which slows the phone at times, specifically when you’re using a heavy app, outweighs its advantages.

  • Ali Abdulla said:

    @Simon, thats the whole idea behind this app, or atleast most of it
    the only reason people bought blackberries, its coz of the bb messenger, which is basically the same like whatsapp :)(pin instead of phone num tho)

    @abdulla, im currently using an N8, it has minimum to no effect on my device, concerning battery life… same with the e72… maybe because im always online, whether im using whatsapp or not :P

    devices like 5800 would suffer i guess, they got hot and stuff when wifi is open/used for a long time

  • Hardeep Singh said:

    I installed the application for the same reason when I tried it but it reminded me of the good old Ovi Contacts that gets no love from Nokia Users. Now it can even connect to Gmail and Yahoo users. Thanks to this app, I’ve started using Ovi Contacts regularly now. And contrary to my belief, constantly running Ovi Contacts doesn’t eat up my battery like I expected it to.

  • New update for WhatsApp on Nokia Ovi Store | WOMWorld/Nokia said:

    [...] There’s a couple of other improvements, which Vaibhav has the full story on. Head on over! [...]

  • Ken80ny said:

    I have installed it twice. Uninstalled it the first time when I was in total shock after knowing that it constantly uses data or wifi even when I choose to close the app. What nonsense! It was a horror if you do not have a data plan.

    The second installation comes after I subscribed to limited data plan, been using it locally and abroad and it is very frustrating that it connects automatically to local data or home wifi constantly! draining battery and data hungry again, even the limited data plan is not enough!

    Think if the new version is not changing that, then there is no point for me to continue using it.

  • Andres said:

    I agree. The APP is way cool and useful, but the fact that you have to be connected to the Internet 24/7 is a BIG DOWNER!

  • Qatari said:

    I agree that contsantly connecting is the main disadvantage of this app, while it connects u to iphone and blackberry users, whatsapp programers have to realize that nokia users dont only use their phones for texting and ims, a nokia phone is used as gps, cam, video cams, calls, and etc

  • Igor said:

    Reading your comments, it seems that this app is made for me.

    I use to be connected 24×7 (even when I´m sleeping… lol)

    But actually, I already use so many chat services and social networks, that I´m can´t see what´s the advantage os this one.

  • reyalz said:

    about the app being constantly online…
    i asked whatsapp if they could update the app so it won’t connect all the time. here is their reply:

    a completely useless reply from the makers of whatsapp. I am no longer interested in whatsapp.

  • reyalz said:

    about the app being constantly online…
    i asked whatsapp if they could update the app so it won’t connect all the time. here is their reply:

    Hi there,

    Our Nokia application is designed to always be online and connected. We recommend that you sign up for unlimited internet data plan to take full advantage of our service.

    If you are having battery issues, please try the following:

    - Disable GPS.
    - Check if bluetooth is off.
    - Set your Wi-Fi scan to minimum speed or off
    - Set phone Display brightness halfway.
    - Use GSM instead of 3G
    - Purchase a new battery from Nokia store.


    a completely useless reply from the makers of whatsapp. I am no longer interested in whatsapp.

  • Zigro said:

    I would also like it if whatsapp would have an “off” setting like skype on my N8. You only launch it when you need it and it can run in the background until you use it. But for all the annoying connection efforts it’s not getting my vote to install it ever again.
    It connects and then transmits data, for what? Even if the app is killed 100 times per hour. The developers should catch a wakeup to integrate blackberries and iphones. Skype is busy taking over that little lifeline of whatsapp as well.

  • Baba Boo said:

    OMG, you people are clueless. This is why people look down on Nokia. If you need a msging client that you can disconnect use goddamn yahoo/msn.

    This app is supposed to be online 24/7 just like SMS and similarly BBM. If you have no idea what people see in BBM, see some reviews. If it’s not your cup of tea then again go back to yahoo/msn.

    OBVIOUSLY being online all the time will drain your battery faster. OMG grow up. Just don’t use wifid, gprs is good enough and unlike wifi it uses the same antenna as text/phone.

    This app is amazing, most of my friends are on BB and iPhones and this is a life saver.

    BTW there’s a new version out, well this is an old news but I had to reply to defend this app.

  • Gawie said:

    I have version 2.02(33)on my Nokia N8. On the older version I could delete a chat. This seems not to be possible on the present version. I am missing something ? E-mail sent to WhatsApp support was simply ignored.

  • Vincent said:

    @Gawie I have have the same issue on the N8. Is this a bug with the new version for touch screen phones or is this specific to the N8?

  • Kobus said:

    Can anyone help, explain to me how to uninstall(remove) whatsapp on my Nokia N8

  • Deena said:

    To delete a chat on the nokia N8 tap anfd hold on the chat to be deleted for a few seconds until a little box appears that says ‘delete chat’.

  • vinodjaiswal said:

    hey i am using it in my nokia c5 which is symbian and i am very happy to use it. Its really good applications.

  • charles said:

    i use Nokia c6-00 but when i have media file messages, it automatically downloads, whether i need the file or not, pls how can i turn off auto download.

  • Mahomed said:

    Hi can anybody help?
    i upgraded my nokia N8 from anna to the belle. i can seem to open watsapp. the icon is there. when i click on it, it shows its starting but go back to the main menu.
    it worked fine on the anna.
    my nokia agency says i need to delete it but i can’t seem to do that either. wen i try to delete it it says, ‘unable to start operation. Installer already in use’
    please help!