Nokia Big Screen Gives Your HDMI Capable Phones A Whole New Way To Interact With Your TV

From time to time, Nokia’s Beta Labs comes out with some great gems, today is one such day. The free Nokia Big Screen app takes the process of connecting your HDMI devices (N8, E7) to the TV onto a whole new level with a very slick UI. You could still watch videos or photos on your HDTV without the app, but where the app really shines is making that interaction a pleasure. Once installed, it automatically launches the moment you connect an HDMI cable to your phone and now instead of a mirror of the phone UI’s you get something that looks like a Media Center, much more easy on the eye and faster to navigate.

Once connected you can use the directional pad that pops up on the phone’s touch, or use a Wii Remote or a bluetooth keyboard. As you can see in the video, having a Wii Remote handy does help take the experience up a notch or two. The post on the beta labs blog also mentions a bunch of other things that you can do with the app:

  • Show your photos and videos in high definition on your TV screen
  • Listen to music from your phone on your home audio system
  • View song lyrics in karaoke style and watch videos with subtitles
  • Play music in the background while you browse your photos
  • Enjoy slideshows with music of your choice
  • Have a screen saver activate after a minute’s idle time to protect your TV
  • Use your phone as an entertainment hub you can take everywhere with you

Once you get to the download page, you will also find useful information about adding bluetooth devices such as a Wii Remote or a keyboard. If you want to avoid the hassle of signing in to download, here’s the direct link.

6 thoughts on “Nokia Big Screen Gives Your HDMI Capable Phones A Whole New Way To Interact With Your TV”

  1. Okay, I like it.

    But, honestly, are any of us getting concerned with the rush to convert smart phones to entertainment devices? I mean, as an example, the N8 is a phone that barely functions as a productivity tool. The OS has no notion of categories for appointments, tasks, contacts or files. It has poor display of appointments and tasks. It can barely sync to desktop or cloud-based PIMs (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.). . .

    And, there are very few developers who seem to be working on third party solutions to address these productivity shortcomings in Symbian^3 offerings (SBSH, are you listening?).

    This isn’t just happening with Nokia. It seems every phone manufacturer is spending way too much time trying to make all their smart phones into gaming devices. Am I supposed to be happy with a device that plays “Angry Birds” real well, but provides minimal assistance in helping me to manage my business and personal affairs?

    – end of rant.

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