Ian Wallace’s Time Lapse App ‘Lapsed’ Now In Open Beta

Time lapse photography is might fun specially if you have a great camera at hand. Nokia makes some might fine camera phones but if you ever feel like making a nice time lapse video with all the beautiful pictures it can take, it does get a little hard as there is no burst mode that can keep taking pictures for as long as you like.

Enter Ian’s Lapsed, a Qt based app that lets you take hundreds of photos automatically after a fixed amount of time. So for example you can setup the phone to take a photo every 5 seconds and forget about it, when you think you have enough for that video you were looking to create, just turn it off.

Ian Wallace's Time Lapse App Lapsed Now In Open Beta

The good news is that the app is now in open beta, so you can get cracking with it. To install it, you will need to:

  1. Install Qt 4.71 libraries, get them here.
  2. Install Qt Mobility 1.1. Get the Nokia signed .sis here.
  3. Go to Ian’s Lapsed beta page for the installation file.

Before you get started, I suggest you head over to the development page and read the mini how-to. He is also looking for feedback, so fire away here.