Twitter Client TwimGo Sheds Its WRT Wings & Moves To Qt Quick – Gets A Shiny UI

TwimGo is a popular Twitter client by Tommi Luakkanen (@tlaukkanen) for the Nokia N900 and has also recently become available for Symbian based devices via the Ovi Store. In its current iteration it is written in Web Runtime, but the upcoming version 2.5 has been rewritten with Qt Quick or more specifically Qt QML.

The end result is that the app now has a pretty snazzy UI, complete with all the bells and whistles that is no slouch when it comes to performance. Here is the video courtesy @mwkn:

The new version is not available for download just yet, but you can follow the developer for the latest @tlaukkanen. This version of TwimGo should also come to Symbian based devices once Qt 4.7 rolls out.

7 thoughts on “Twitter Client TwimGo Sheds Its WRT Wings & Moves To Qt Quick – Gets A Shiny UI”

  1. Wow! it looks amazing, can’t wait to use it! The current version is amazing and way better than all the other Twitter clients, so that version is going to blast everything out of the water.

  2. this looks awsome! my only gripe is the amount of different transitions! it seems like the developer couldn’t decide which one to use so he used them all

  3. Release it to the N900 people now I am sure some o of us would mind be betatesters right away 😉

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