Ovi Mail Starts Migrating To Yahoo! Today

If you recall, Nokia and Yahoo had entered into a partnership in May last year in which Nokia would power Yahoo!’s maps and navigation services, integrating Ovi Maps across Yahoo! properties, with the “powered by Ovi” branding. While Yahoo! would become the exclusive provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services which will be branded as “Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!”.

Ovi Mail Stars Migrating To Yahoo! Today

One of the first visible effects of that partnership has just been put into place with Ovi Mail today starting the migration to Yahoo!, you should see the new experience right now in your Ovi inbox, but if you see emails missing, don’t worry the data’s safe, it’ll just take some time to show up. You will also be able to send and receive emails immediately, but all your old emails, contact lists, or account settings will be migrated over in some time. Nokia will be sending all users an email once that’s done.

Chat within the web browser is also a go and is powered by the Yahoo! Messenger engine. Further, you can also use your Nokia or Ovi account to log in to other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! News or Finance.

While the move made a lot of sense when it was announced, one cannot help wonder if Nokia would now rather have their email and chat powered by Microsoft’s Live service in light of their deep partnership.

You can find more details on this Ovi blog post.