Gingerbread Officially Begins To Rollout For The Samsung Galaxy S

In what should come as great news for millions for Galaxy S owners, Samsung has started rolling out the Gingerbread update for their widely successful device. But before you get too excited, do keep in mind that this is a staggered release and it may take some time before an official version hits Kies in your region.

That being said, if you cannot wait for the update to reach your shores, you can flash the new firmware via Odin and get a piece of an official Gingerbread ROM as opposed to leaked Gingerbread ROM that has been floating around.

The Gingerbread on the Galaxy S is still based on the RFS file system, but early reports indicate speed improvements in startup times, and general phone behavior. The RFS lag only creeps in after the a while, so it may be a few days before we know the engineers at Samsung have finally be able to get rid of the lag, once and for all. The build date for the firmware is April 8.

Do keep in mind that downloading the ROM and then flashing via Odin, may void your warranty. I suggest you wait for an official release for your region which will also come with all the operator data, MMS etc settings for your region. But if you cannot wait, follow the XDA Developers thread below.

You can also spoof your product code and force Kies into believing that you are entitled to the update, tutorial here and reports suggest that these settings work.

[via: XDA Developers]

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