Nokia At SXSW & A Connecting People Film

It isn’t hard to put a finger on why South by Southwest (SXSW) is going from strength to strength with each passing year. Its about film, music and of course interactive, this means we have the film premieres, seminars, panels as well as all the glorious parties. It is also not your typical tech event, but still is the epicenter for any startup trying to make it big and a place where all the big brands are trying to out do each other. It is understandable, as for those two weeks anybody who’s anybody heads to Austin to see the next big thing.


(The Nokia Green Zone at night)

For good measure, Nokia over the last few years has been slowly increasing its presence at SXSW and this year bore witness to a ton of fun activities, a green zone with charging stations for everyone, a Chris Cornell concert, the famous Angry Birds projection, parties and of course their now famous, random acts of kindness, treating random strangers to some pretty cool Nokia swag, phones, invites to parties, concerts and even free beers!

But there is nothing like video to tell a compelling story, and here is a video I came across (via @biggfill) which captures the essence of SXSW, in just over four minutes. See for yourself.

“Michael Richards, the producer, myself and Joe Binks our multi-talented production manager were lucky enough to get commissioned by Nokia to travel down to SXSW 2011 to make a film about the festival and the people it attracts, both contributors and visitors. Austin is an astonishing city that really explodes during the festival. We met some amazing people, really talented, really likeable people who were kind enough to give us some time and answer a few questions. The basic premise was simple, we asked just one question really. “Why are you here?” and then just saw what fell out of that”.

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