The MeeGo Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco Today

We are just hours away from the start of the second MeeGo Conference, the first having been taken place in November, at Dublin. Unlike the last one, the spring conference promises to be focused on a the global direction MeeGo is taking in addition to the technical sessions for the developers. How much of that can be realized remains to be seen in light of Nokia’s recent shift towards Windows Phone as its primary operating system, but one thing is very clear, Intel still remains committed to the OS, and will be looking at other phone manufacturers, perhaps LG, to fill the void that Nokia’s exit has left.

This will probably mean that we are now looking at 2012 at the time when commercial MeeGo smartphones being to pick up, however, in orders to gain developers, Intel will be aggressive conducting their ‘Intel AppUp Application Labs‘ through the world, with events in Hyderrabad, Chennai, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Pune and Delhi already in place over the next two months.

The MeeGo Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco Today

In terms of interest, the spring MeeGo Conference has seen about 1200 registrations and while there are clearly doubts in people’s minds about how MeeGo will progress from here on, there is still an encouraging level of developer interest. The conference will kick off with an keynote titled ‘The Future of MeeGo Starts Now’, hosted by Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation and promises to give a better picture of where MeeGo stands today.

A lot of sessions over the next three days will be streamed live, so you can keep on top of things wherever you are. Here is the detailed schedule and the dedicated live stream.

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