Nokia Connection Is On June 21, Expect New Devices & A Possible MeeGo Unveil

Nokia Connection is an yearly event that happens in Singapore. Despite being regional in nature, plays host to globally relevant device launches, the biggest of which probably being the Nokia E72 in 2009.

This year its happening June 21-23 at the Marina Bay Sands. What is really getting the anticipation up is the broad proclamation of the event website which says:

“This is an exciting time for Nokia!

A solid strategy is in place and the execution of that strategy has started! Join Nokia Connection 2011 to experience first-hand, the new Nokia ecosystem that will be introduced to the world. This site offers a one-stop location for information on Nokia’s biggest event of the year“.

Biggest event of the year is something Nokia Connection has never been, that title always goes to Nokia World, which in all probability will happen during October at London this year. So what can we expect from an event just 3 weeks away. Lets look at the program:

The CEO will be there talking about the Windows Phone partnership, yes there will be a progress report, but not even the new Nokia can deliver a flagship in 3 months. So what next? New Symbian device? Definitely! Ghz CPU powered? You can count on it!

But what about Nokia’s MeeGo offerings? We were promised Jessie’s Girl in a few weeks, Nokia Connection seems like a perfect venue, specially considering there’s a Nokia Developer Workshop happening at the same time. After spending time at the MeeGo Conference, its clear there are still a ton of people interested in what Nokia has to offer.

Finally we have S40 devices. We might see some of those too, perhaps even dual SIM and Touch Type versions. There’s also talk of ‘related services’ that may be announced alongside the devices, given the new direction Nokia is talking, makes you wonder what it will be? Perhaps Nokia is ready to take the next step with Nokia Money and NFC?

This year Nokia Connection promises to be bigger than it ever has been, I still think Nokia World is Nokia’s prime event, but if its MeeGo what you care about, this one might just be the one you really care about. I really look forward to the announcements, is there something specific you would like to see?

8 thoughts on “Nokia Connection Is On June 21, Expect New Devices & A Possible MeeGo Unveil”

  1. Ashish, like I said, Nokia will still hold a Nokia World, possibly in London come October. The Windows Phone announcement will probably happen then.

  2. Oh Shut up Nokia ! No more events from you, make things happen or sell your company.

    Nokia is just a ghost company with fake announcements and events so they keep their shareholders.

  3. Even if Nokia will release an MeeGo device, I will not buy it. I cannot trust this company anymore. Too many promises. Nothing real. Nokia sold their soul and their stock value to Microsoft.

    I hope that stock holders will be the ones waking Nokia up. What suicidal tendencies do the stock holders actually have? Nokia went down from 8.40 Euro at the day of the Microsoft-Marriage to 4.80 Euro today. Realize it, this was a wrong move!||s:lines||a:abs||v:day||l:vol

  4. you really are overhyping this event? I dont expect any Meego devices on that event.

    We have been so dissapointed too many times now so i do not expect anything good coming from Nokia.

    The last good comming from Nokia is N900 still using it a damn great device. But why the f.. didnt Nokia continue investment in Maemo instead of symbian 🙁 now it seems to late. stock falls like hell and they think WP7 will fix it wtf is going on!?

    Nokia is bleeding

  5. “A solid strategy is in place and the execution of that strategy has started!” Yeah right. Nokia has not had a solid strategy in years. They have destroyed all goodwill they had. Why is a developer going to actually do anything for them when they got burnt with QT/Maemo? A dev can easily now go develop for Android where they know they will not be abandoned in 6 months.

    This is coming from someone that has huge hopes for Maemo/Meego etc and does not want the phone market to become a closed ecosystem. I just do not trust Nokia anymore.

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