Demo Of Digia’s eBook Application From The MeeGo Conference

Digia is the company that recently acquired commercial licensing and professional services components of Nokia’s Qt software group, so if you can expect someone to make high quality Qt based applications, its them. At the MeeGo Conference, they had a concept eBook application written in QML running on MeeGo tablets, that presents a pretty impressive picture of what you can do with Qt.

The application aims to be not just a eBook reader, but also a recommendation engine and a store to buy books from. While the current application is still in development, it still presents a compelling look at what can be. In terms of deployment, the company is looking at both smartphones and tablets as a market once the application is ready for commercial deployment.

Special thanks to Kari Sievi of Digia for the demo, unfortunately due to the background noise I was forced to do a voiceover later on.

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