The @Selop CNBC Interview: ‘Those Rumours Are Baseless’, & Other Interesting Tidbits

Nokia’s stock is taking a tumble, it was a virtual freefall and Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop had to step in to halt the bloodbath. All of this, triggered by one rumour that Nokia was in the process of being bought out by Microsoft.

At the D conference, @Selop spoke to CNBC to clear the air about the rumour, calling it baseless and explicitly denying any talks of sale between Nokia and Microsoft. Infact in the 10 minute interview he tried to instill confidence in Nokia and came across as very confident and sure. He clearly believes in the direction he’s taking Nokia and had no problems taking tough questions head on.

I cannot wait for June 21 and Nokia Connection when he takes the stage once more, but for now here’s the interview:

2 thoughts on “The @Selop CNBC Interview: ‘Those Rumours Are Baseless’, & Other Interesting Tidbits”

  1. I wish Nokia would get off its collective arse and sue Eldar already.

    This kid is dangerous, and all because he got one lucky prediction right a whole ton of market analysts and corp investors think this kid will be right every time.

  2. Who’s to blame? Nokia is guilty by giving up innovating with their own OS (i.e Maemo, Meego), now they headed to Microsoft highway with former executive on board. Come on, this sounds like a merge (at least).

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