Hands On: 15 Minutes With The Nokia E6 In HD

At Nokia India’s Delhi preview of Nokia E6, we got some hands on time with the widely anticipated successor to the E71/E72 class of devices. You have already seen unboxing photos and camera samples, but if you’re looking forward to looking at the E6 in a little more in-depth fashion, then this post is for you.

Hands On: 15 Minutes With The Nokia E6 In HD

Me and friend of the site Clinton Jeff, look two Nokia E6’s for a little spin and the have shared our initial impressions, positives and negatives in the 15 minute video below.

We start off by quickly unboxing the device, followed by a little overview of the basic capabilities of the phones before diving into the new Symbian Anna experience, the E6’s 326 PPI high resolution screen, its camera, the new UI, the capabilities of its loudspeaker and so on. Click though to YouTube to watch in HD, or hit play right here.

What do you think of the E6? In case there is something else you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Hands On: 15 Minutes With The Nokia E6 In HD”

  1. Well,

    Anna is a good attempt. But no matter how much consideration we give to any of these symbian phones, its just … DATED. … in most aspects. Apps, Performance, Usability – name it …

    I know that you are trying to be fair in the review – but it does come across like, Nokia have put out another refresh to a dead platform. Whats the point ?

  2. @Sandeep: If a developer makes a bad app, why give the blame on Symbian? However there are so many great apps, with a beautifull UI and fantastics functions and performance, especially if they are developed with Qt.
    I have a Nokia C7-00 and his performance are very good, some lag will be correct with Anna and Belle, there isn’t a real problem.
    Usability isn’t perfect but Anna is a real step forward and Belle finally will change the UI and the way we use Symbian.

    We can only say that Nokia had to do Symbian^3 with the functions and the UI of Belle immediately, not after 1 year.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  3. Hi, did you notice how very weak the notification light is?

    Is it a hardware or software issue?

  4. What king of battery life are you seeing with the E6.

    Considering the new screen and the Touch element, can we expect the same kind of lasting power that the E72 gave us especially in the business work space.

  5. Prabh, from what I’ve been told the battery life on the E6 will not disappoint and I tend to agree despite not having played with the E6 for days. In about three hours of playing, the it didn’t drop one bar. That’s promising enough.

    Gabriele, I’m sorry, which notification light are you referring to?

  6. Hi
    Does the music app have search functionality for a specific song ?
    That was one reason why I got rid of my N8.
    My current e72 has a great music player where albums are sorted as Albums and NOT album Artists or worse as Artists only. This is a must feature for anyone listening to Hindi Movie Albums where artist categorization messes sorting up. I wish they had retained the same features as the current music player in subsequent Symbian releases.

    Let me know if anything has changed between the N8 and the E6 as far as the music player goes.

    Great review !!!


  7. @Vaibhav I’m talking about the LED under the central key, which works (or should work) as a notification light when you have missed calls, new messages, etc.

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