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Must Know Tips & Tricks For The Galaxy S II

By - On 14 June 2011 342 Comments

[Update - For a Galaxy S3? Here are must know tips & tricks for the S3!]

The Galaxy S II is Samsung’s latest and greatest superphone and judging by the rate at which these things are selling, very soon millions around you will have a one. The device packs a dual core 1.2 Ghz processor, a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display, runs Android 2.3.3 out of the box with Sammy’s TouchWiz 4 on top.

Must Know Tips & Tricks For The Samsung Galaxy S2

TouchWiz is Samsung’s custom UI layer that differentiates the SGS 2 from the myriad of other Android slabs and Samsung has managed to add enough value to it to make it a very welcome addition. Some of its benefits become obvious, but some tweaks and shortcuts that can make your experience even better are tucked away. This post aims to showcase a bunch of tips and tricks that every SGS 2 user should know. Some of these might even work on older TouchWiz devices.

Hit play and tell us in the comments section if you think I’ve skipped any must know shortcut/tip!

If you can’t see the video embedded above, hit this link to go to YouTube. If you’d like to read instead of watch the video, read on.

  • Quick Calls & Texts: Once you have the contact you want to call or text in front of you, instead of entering it and then carrying out the operation, you can simply swipe left to place a call or swipe right to enter a text.

Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

  • Homescreens: TouchWiz supports upto 7 homescreens and jumping between them can quickly become a problem, but you can easily pinch to get an overview and then quickly jump to the screen you want.

Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

  • Screenshots: Taking screenshots on Android devices is a pain, but on the Galaxy S2, you can simply hit home button and then the power key while holding onto home to take a screenshot. You can then see them in the Gallery.
  • Brightness Adjust: The notification bar can serve as a brightness scroll on the Galaxy S 2 if you are not using the  auto brightness option. Just hit the notification bar, hold for a second and swipe left to decrese and right to increase the brightness. This is one of my favourite tweaks.
  • Browsr Text Wrap: Out of the box the Galaxy S2 doesn’t automatically reflow the text in the webpage if you zoom in. But if you just goto settings and check the ‘auto-fit pages’ option, all is well again.
  • User Agent Change: The browser lets you change the user-agent without needing an extra app, just type ‘about:useragent’ and you can choose between the iPhone, Nexus One, Desktop, Galaxy S or even enter a custom string.

Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

  • Pinch Based Tab Switching: While you are viewing a webpage, just pinch out and you will be shown the other tabs that are open, or you can even open a new one. Handy, finally possible on the Galaxy S2.

Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

  • Custom Fonts: The Galaxy S2 comes with inbuilt support for custom fonts. Just goto Settings -> Display -> Screen Display -> Font Style and choose from the three options or follow the link to download more from the Android Market.

Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

  • Change Bottom App Drawer: Its just easier to explain if you watch the video, around the 03:28 minute mark.
  • Quick Slider: Whether you are in the homscreen or the app list, just roll your finger over the dots at the bottom of the screen and see the screens fly by. Beautiful and functional.
  • Video Lock: Pressing the power button in video player locks the screen, now you can hold the device any way you like, no accidental presses.
  • Testing Mode: *#0*# in the dialer enters the LCD test mode, useful if you are hunting for dead pixels or a few other things.

Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

  • Search Key: The SGS2 like the SGS doesn’t have a dedicated search key that all other Android devices have, but if you long press menu, it doubles as a search key and pulls search up, wherever you need it.
  • Quick Dialing: On the dial pad spell the name of your contact and see it popup, great when you need to make a quick call.
  • Bluetooth Mouse: The SGS 2 supports using a bluetooth mouse, the functionality is more of a proof of concept vis-a-vis being actually useful. TV out presents a useful senario.

Any others you would like to add? Let us know in the comments section below!

Further reading – Our In-Depth Samsung Galaxy S2 Review.

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  • Ray H. said:

    Awesome, I just got my SGS2 and didn’t know most of these things! Thanks!

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  • blausand said:

    Thanks a lot! Didn’t know most of it.
    And it’s 100% built-in stuff.

  • Snabbvelo said:

    Cool tips, thanks!

  • Ahmad Habib said:

    Hello – a very intereting video review. Useful for new owners of the device.

    However only 2 days in and I am facing a problem that is also plaguing many owners for which forums are widespread across the web with no clear cut colution – NO data reception over the HSDPA (H+ network). Upon contacting my ISP , I was told that the HSDPA connection over the mobile network would not work – and was asked to disable it leaving only 3g selected.

    However there is no option to do so ! There are only 2 choices – data service on/off :( I have read across a few forums that disabling the H+ and hard tuning the 3G network is a solid fix – but this involves playing with the software and installing “kernels”?

    IS there a clear cut solution to this? I am sure there are a lot of other users who would find the fix very useful – Im sitting next to my bummed out friend and he agrees! We are not very tecj minded but willing to sell our souls to have a stable data package across the lovely device which otherwise is an absolute joy.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you handheldblog !

    Warm Regards,
    Ahmad Adel Habib

  • atal said:

    Hi Ahmad Adel Habib

    I was going through some galaxy S2 forums and found CYANOGEN MOD. What exactly CyanogenMod is and how it works. Please brief me about this.


  • Ahmad Habib said:


    Official website – The mod sounds brilliant. However under the list of supported devices the S2 is not mentioned.

    I wil look out for updates or something – there must be one of these things being cooked up for the S2…

    I know these things are usually tailored for each device – therefore I will confirm before I go downloading any random mods and installing….

    Stand by. If you figure anything else out let me know… thank you for the prompt response

  • Ahmad Habib said:


    Its in the making. Samsung are pro-Cyanogen . Hell yes baby I hope the modded O/S has a native H+ Kill switch….

    Hmm…Ill research that next actually.

  • Valentino said:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the useful tips. I have my S2 for about a week now and can’t figure it out why there is a US city and time (bar displayed at the top in yellow color) whenever i try to make a phone call. It seems that the phone has a pre-setting which captures the first 3 numbers of any phone numbers to be a US area code when i type.

    Hope you can help. Thanks again.


  • Dtjk80 said:

    Hi , bro
    Thanks alot for your great vid of tips of S2.

    The phone will b launching in my country soon – Singapore

    On the day i when go n buy , WHAT should i lookout for???? Wat tests should i perform on the phone??

    If possible , do make a vid n share on youtube ,

    Thanks n cheers :)

  • SSGA said:

    Great tips I have to say. THANKS! For REAL!

  • NORCO said:

    It’s the best tips thanks for the info.
    If you know how:
    1. Is there any way to set meetings on the Calendar, with contacts from “People”, without retyping the contact information into the Calendar?
    2. How you can to call from the SMS/Messaging window?

    Hope you can help. Thanks again :)

  • PravS said:


    lovely tips.. very useful.. thanks..

    I have few Doubts –

    1) I have 3 official mail IDs setup on my phone. how do i make a seperate icon for each ID ? and how do i make one ID as a main ID(default id) ?? right now its all under one icon. would like to know if i can have seperate icon and settings for each ID.

    2) and as i setup my gmail ID, everything related to my gmail username got synced to my phone. all the pics i have on picasa are on my phone too now.. how do i unsync it or remove it ??

    looking forward for your help.



  • Soumya said:

    For Uploading Pictures Directly to Facebook … Need To Download facebook From Android Market ? If Yes Then Which One.

  • Nayan Patel said:

    Pls help. I really like this phone and well aware of its capabilities. But I’m very much perplexed about its size and that’s the only reason I’ve been delaying my decision to purchase this smartphone. Does it feel very bulky in the pocket and hands? What about single-handed use? And yeah how is its loudspeaker? Can u hear the ringtone in noisy environments. Thanks..

  • Ankit said:

    You could’ve added that to jump to a specific homescreen or app page just click the dot instead of rolling.

  • mukesh samvedi said:


  • Kshitij Maheshwari said:

    Hi i wanted to know how to enable prefix dialing in S2, it was available in galaxy S but i cant find the option and every time i have to type +91 when dialing on s2 but on s i could do it automatically using prefix dialling

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  • John said:

    Is there any way to increase font size particularly in messages?

    I don’t mean small to normal – I am looking for large or extra large (like iPhone), and judging by the forums so are a lot of other people.

    What is the sense in having a large screen if the font size is no bigger than that on a 3″ screen?

  • Ashok said:

    Brightness adjustment at notification bar is already available in GT I9003

  • Galaxy S2 said:

    Excellent! Used some of those :)

  • Lisa said:

    Great tips!
    I have downloaded the Handcent app as I prefer the sms! however, i cannot seem to stop sms messages coming through on original app? have tried everything, can you help me please?????
    Many Thanks, Lisa

  • Vaibhav Sharma (author) said:

    Lisa, Just goto Messaging, Settings and disable the notifications by clicking the arrow that says “Display message notification in status bar”. Hope this helps.

  • Bas said:

    I like the way you explain things FAST :-) And very well structured. Very good info, didn’t know any of it. I want more of your tips and tricks!


  • Vaibhav Sharma (author) said:

    Thank you, will try and keep this going!

  • uzi said:

    Hi! Pretty useful info here! I was just wondering though, is there a way to turn off the notification bar at the top when ur browsing the web? Be cool if there is.

  • Reza said:

    Great tips specially the screen test.

  • mustafa said:

    this is an ultimate of the ultimate terminator phone!!! forget about your iphones, or your xperias, or your blackberrys, or anytype of phone you had previous to this revolutionary, advanced, ultimatum, technology cell phone. This phone is here to take our tech world to the next level!!! DONT BE THE ONE TO MISS OUT. GET YOUR SAMSUNG GALAXY SII NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • CK said:

    Hello, just got the galaxy s2 (switched from blackberry). 1) i can not connect my yahoo email account (though other email accounts were set up with ease)? 2) does this phone have an automatic spell check (how to turn it on)? Thank you, CK

  • Thomas said:

    I found Galaxy S2 Tas well as Galaxy Tab being sold in Hong Kong did not have the font style option. This option is only available in my current Galaxy S1.

  • D said:

    Hi , Any bidy knows how to disable the power button. I need this because the phone some times automatically switch its mode(to flight mode) by accidently presssing the power button. Even when its in the pocket.

  • Viren Verma said:

    Thanks handheldblog for the wonderful tips…

    lock screen while watching video is the ultimate one.

  • nme said:

    I would add, that double click on the main button turns on Vlingo.

  • MEJ said:

    im still 14 and i would like to know if u recommend it to teenagers?
    thank you!!

  • Zirk Engelbrecht said:

    Great video. I have a question. I just got the S2 and when there is an incoming call while I am on the line and I switch over to it I see something new that I dont like. I have to make another choice on if I want to kill the old call or place it on hold. Is there any way to not have this notice show up.

    Very best

  • terry said:

    can u tell me some gd apps to download for the sg2 like what are the best games and the most helpful and usefull aps tht the handset requires.Also do u advise on downloadin a app tht says it helps your battery from draining faster or is it a lot of rubbish as this is my first android fone and not used to the fone yet mate … thanks mate

  • Anwar said:

    I know the google/web search is available, but is there an option to search the entire phone for anything, like on the iphone? Thanks.

  • Viren Verma said:

    not useful.

  • Patricia said:

    loved tricks and tips, I’ve tried to make a Skype video call and only connected with voice call. Is there any thing I do need to do to make it?

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  • vkk said:

    In browser, Hindi font is not seen but only boxes are seen in SGS2. Even in settings there is no option to go to system/fonts, i hv hindi fonts wid me but hw to install those on my phone?????

  • arpit said:

    i am going to samsung galaxy s2 and as i have purchased any samsung mobile so i am doubts regarding it.
    i’ve seen all your videos regarding sgs2, and all of them are pretty amazing but the thing is i’ve heard that it has a problem of heating like the back side of the mobile gets warm very fast, also some of the people have said something regarding the yellow/pink spot in the phone.
    so please help me with the problem and advice on the same ASAP..

  • Anwar said:

    found the answer to my own question, it’s called gesture search.

    armpit…. I also experience the overheating issue accompanied by rapid battery drainage.

  • ajay said:

    any one know how to prevent screen getting locked after some time? the max screen yime available is 10 mins but i dont want the screen to time out and get lock…

  • ash said:

    hey i got the galaxy s2 ,, but the ringtone , it starts quite and then goes loud ,, descending way , but i cant get it to be same tone from start to end of the ringing tone ,,
    please i need help ,,

  • Rafael said:

    Do you know how to change the default home screen? I mean the default by the one it goes when you click the home button. Thanks!

  • Marcin said:

    Hi guys!
    Thanks for nice tips&tricks – helpfull :)

    I have a problem with one thing. This basic menu (7 screens menu) will not go around from screen 7th to 1st. I have to roll it back. On inside menu it’s roll over normaly. Any ideas how to make it? Thanks

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  • Cielo said:

    Screenshot tip very handy!

  • shashank said:

    hii.i got the phone just few days back.and how fast it is..i m surprised…smooth touch..as just gliding on screen..these are very useful shortcuts u hv provided…i hv also discovered one..probably u know those..copy,paste features of SGS2..we can select any text from any website…by touching the screen for a while…

  • vikram said:

    hii i wanna know about the notification light for msg or call and how to save msg in draft folder..also i wanna know abt the best softwares for locking gallery and messages with password…

  • Bert said:

    WOW………………I am on Tmobile and am waiting to order my Sgs2 and all this coming from a moto razor phone I have had for over 7 years. This is the best video that I have seen on the phone and the first one I have left a message on. AS a new upcomming owner, what is the first thing you would do after receiving the phone??


    From the USA,Oklahoma

  • Smartphone Test said:


    Ure review is realy amazing.
    When i am at home, ill try some tricks for my smartphone :-)


  • DukeDhirendra said:

    No doubt the phone is cool and the Black body and screen looks awesome, but There are some noticeable problems like the battery life is so so poor and the phone get very hot (not warm!), specially around the camera and top screen, may be due to processor inside or such thin body. There is another network problem only two modes give and no kill button for H+ which often not work. The wifi like ghost get start autimatically, there may be some settings to solve it. The screen tan on Right side was not on my set so.
    Apart from them i haven’t found any problem, The phone is Fast, very fast, Camera is a bit noisy but videos are close to perfect. The screen is awesome a bit big but thin body make no issue in pocket. And I still Like the phone cuz every other phone out there as its own set of problem.

  • jeevan said:

    I just got samsung galaxy s2 but when i started doing vedio call on a skype there is no option for vedio call there is only voice call and IM,so can i get some idea to go through it ?

  • behrouz said:

    when spelling the contact’s name ,nothing happen.

  • Lisa said:

    Can you do a coverage on video quality? My s2 video quality is blur and unclear.
    Watching video in youtube is difficult on the eye. I don’t know if it is a phone problem.

  • Sam said:

    Two of these don’t work on my galaxy: I can’t find the change font option and I can’t change the brightness using the notification bar. :/

  • John said:


    When receiving a voice text (mms) i can only get 8 seconds max?

    when i know the sender and they said it was 2 mins long.

    ive spoke to my provider and they said it was a limit on the handset?

    any suggestions?


  • Dinesh said:

    Sir my mobile has net lock show how to open if nw please show idea re call my num 9844567123

  • Gabriel said:

    I just got my Samsung Galaxy SII and realized that you cant turn off the timeout screen. The longest you can set it for is 10 minutes. Thats horrible i tried and watched a movie on HBO Go and it kept timing out on me. If there is a fix can someone let me know please?

  • Dan said:

    Can someone tell me how to turn the screen lock off. Its so annoying and the function doesn’t allow me to have “no lock”. Any tips would be appreciated.

  • Kunal maheshwari said:

    HI, Vaibhav thanks for enlightening us …the problem currently i am facing is dat my phone lags a little bit in middle of some small games…and out of appx.836mb of ram only 200mb is only free most of the times is their any option available to stop some of the applications or services start automatically???plz help me on my issue

  • kellie winstanley said:

    hi i love my phone and find it very easy to use the only problem im having with it is i dont know how to crop my videos so i can send them on, at the moment they are to long and a message tells me to big to send. what do i do to make it shorter??
    please help :)

  • Robin said:

    Great set of tips!

    Not being able to disable the screen saver / timeout is a real pain. It makes the Maps useless, as 10 minutes is far too short. After googling, I found the “Keep Screen” app (look it up in the market). This does the job. I installed it, configured it to keep the screen open for Maps, job done. Great thing is it doesn’t rely on a power connection, so if I’m using the maps while out walking, the screen still stays on

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  • Nitin said:

    Hey i just wanna know how do u put a password to the messages folder in S2 !! and a site where u can download full games for free !!

  • Bassem B. said:

    Thank you for these! I learned many new and helpful tricks.

  • Sal said:

    Hi Vaibhav, thanks for the great post and tips. I am just wondering if SGS2 supports scrolling a window within a window – similar to 2-finger scrolling on iPhone? I have recently got my SGS2 but realized i can’t scroll in a window (e.g. drop down menu) within another window. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Sal.

  • twanting said:

    Hey, I need help for this.

    When the phone rings, it started quietly then went louder, and I found this really annoying. Is there anyway to make the volume the same from beginning to the end when the phone rings?

    Thank you. :)

  • john said:

    My Galaxy S2 will not time out at all. It is set to 30 seconds.

    Any idea.

  • Rahul said:

    Hi .Can you please tell that can i connect this phone to PC to use internet Via Pc ?

    Will be really thankful

  • Dr. Amit Johari said:

    I m enjoying My SGS2 , only 2 complaints–
    1. Gets hot on calling and using 3g
    2. Internet browser does not opens page on 3g, only opera mini can open the pages. Even opera mobile says no connectivity while i m on 3g. Works fine on wifi.

  • Jetski said:

    When watching videos you can stop screen timeout by locking with the power button when playing them

  • James said:

    Hi, your video about the shortcuts was awesome.I didn’t know most of them. I have a question for you. When ever i take a picture, it gets uploaded to Google+. Could you please tell me where to configure this so that i can control what gets posted?

  • Jennifer said:

    How do I change the default buttoms on the bottom. You mentioned it, but I was unable to locate the feature.

    Thank you

  • joji said:

    Wow, a ton of people keep on asking for their queries even when nobody seem to answer them. What a bunch of prats B-)

  • lluisanunez said:

    “If you’d like to read instead of watch the video, read on.”
    +1 !!! :-)

  • gemma said:

    heya i have put a screen lock password on my samsung galaxy s2 but i need to get it off haw do you do this plz
    thank you :)

  • Sergio said:


    I want to put a password on some folders of my, like my pictures so only someone who knows the password can enter.
    So how do I do that?


  • Ashish said:

    Good One & appreciated…

  • Vivien said:

    Do you know if there is a shortcut for turning the 3G on and off aside from going to the settings and doing it? I wished there was a shortcut on the notification bar!

  • DCM said:

    Fabulous phone! Especially enjoyed this by Sharma on these very useful extra features.

    Only one question which hopefully someone can answer…..
    How can I delete a specific wifi connection which I created (without affecting my other saved wifi connections)? My first connection has a wrong password. My second connection has the correct, but the phone when scanning keeps returning to the first incorrect wifi connection. I can’t find a setting to delete .. and “forget” or “cancel” doesn’t remove the wrong connection. Help please?

    About travelling & using the S2…..
    I’ve recently travelled through Asia, Africa, South America & Middle East & accessing the internet no problem anywhere(I don’t use roaming). Since all business can also be done on the phone, no netbook is needed on my travels anymore. Only businessmen doing reports will still need their laptops for keyboard ease. The S2′s camera takes a better photo in poor evening light or rainy conditions compared to my expensive my Canon camera. Videos brilliantly clear too, no problem using Skype. Some great apps -enough useful free apps too. Get the flashdrive connection & carry all your doc’s on a flash. Also get the TV HDMI connection, fun. This phone is packed with a massive amount of features that I continue to discover each day. For my travelling its perfect, plus has the right size screen, is extremely light & thin, a joy to own.

  • Sumit Taneja said:

    Vaibhav Please help bro!!! When i am listening to music and message comes it stops playing music. To start music again i need to restart my SG2. Please help brother is this a bug or it can be resolved by settings!! WAiting!!!!

  • Rene said:

    Hi, I need your help regarding deactivating premium text on Samsung Galaxy SII. Help me please!

  • justabrake said:

    How can we get youtube to pause and restart where it left off ?

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  • Brian said:

    How do I enlarge the font size on the S2? All of the previous Samsung devises would allow me to select the text bubble and then a new screen would open so that I could pinch to enlarge, this one does not doe that..


  • Julia said:

    Great tips, thanks. I’ve had my SG2 for 5 days and have solved most minor problems but I can’t work out how to remove unwanted stuff that the phone has synced onto the calender. I can delete birthdays and stuff that I have put there myself but I can’t remove useless fb events that I didn’t want synced. Also I can’t get the phone to connect to other phones using bluetooth. I’ve tried with various phones and get nothing. One more minor thing, I’ve had to turn of predictive text, as it was deciding I couldn’t spell and kept putting in completely different words to what I was spelling but I find the keyboard a bit fiddly and would like predictive text but without it inserting random words, as I was talking to my friend Erik and the phone called him Eruption, which was a bit embarrassing. Any help would be great thanks

  • honorio said:

    thanx for that awesome instructions… got this prob with my samsungs2… once i turn off the fone it automatically restarts.. i tried to reformat the fon, but to no avail… nid some expert advise.. thanx

  • Is it possible not to load mobile web page by default? said:

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  • Bridgit said:

    How can you find the drafts box?

  • sandy said:

    Great Job Dost.
    very usefull information.i just love it.can you plz add somethign about 3gwhen i connect to 3g the 3g logo is not display.is it comes by default or we have to make some changes in setting.

  • Anderson said:

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  • Francis said:

    Hi Sharma,
    Good Stuff ! ! !
    Got this phone for over a month now and did not know quite a few things shared.
    Would you be kind enough to let us know if there is a way to store messages from different people in different folders.

  • Francis said:

    Hi Sharma,
    Really Good stuff ! ! !
    Got this phone for over a mpnth now and did not know quite a few things possible,
    Would you be kind enough to let us know if there is a possibility to store messages from different people in seperate folders

  • Diego said:

    Great stuff. But my question is how do I change the bottom app drawer? Straight out the box.

  • Keith said:

    I am just about to get an S2 so this was really useful, as I like to know the in’s and outs of my new tech. Thanks for posting

  • Rolo said:

    Thanks so much! specially for writing down everything since i don’t have access to youtube from work!

  • H Riz said:

    on watching a video when ever i press the power button the screen goes off.

  • carleen said:

    How do u make the text message bubbles show the conversation in order. I hate that it shows all the other persons texts grouped n mine at the top. I want it to show the messages with the order of the conversation we have like u then mine then u mine etc.

  • Senthil Raja said:

    Gud one.. Was really helpful!!

  • Jay said:

    When a text message is received, only one notification is received. Is there a way for notification to repeat until the message is acknowledged?



  • Khan198 said:

    Hi dcm
    About ur problem which ever connection u feel is false just long press it and it will show options to forget or cancel.
    Method 2 del both tge connections and scan again this time plz enter tge correct ssid jey . It will solve ur problem.

    Proud user of sgs2

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  • Cary D said:

    When I begin to back out from typing an email, a menu pops up which asks if I want to save the file as a draft. I click yes, then cannot find the file. Please help.


    By the way, I have the T-Mobile version in the U.S. which is very slightly different than the version you’re using.

  • ann said:

    i bought this phone sg2 about 2 month ago.. im facing a problem that is when i try to send mms, the phone automatically compress the picture until the size is too small.. sometime about 9kb.. what should i do…

  • My SGS2 said:

    This is a great review of an awesome smartphone. Plenty of great tips for all the Sgs2 owners out there.

    For screen shots I prefer Screenshot It. It allows you to activate a screenshot from a shake or via the notification area instantly or in a timed manner, and gives one the ability to share, crop, save or draw the snapshot.

  • Gaurav said:

    really of great help… u tech savvy people rocks….

  • Gaurav Bapat said:

    really of great help… u tech savvy people rocks….

  • deterlitt said:

    Thanks for helpful tips :) Is there any way to prevent messages (both sms, facebook, and others) to scroll in the notifications-bar? they scroll only once, i would like it to stop anyway. I could ofcourse stop the notification all together, but that’s not my purpose…

  • Sarah said:

    Can someone please help!!! How do I share a link from facebook on my galaxy S2? In iPhone you used to click on share, on my phone the only share options are bluetooth, wifi, email and gmail and sms. HELP!

  • Vivin said:

    Hi Ahmad,
    I am having a problem in galaxy s2 when I go tp contacts->my profile,the status is showing my post that I tweeted to someone,How can I remove it.Please help.
    Waiting for your reply .
    Thanking you

  • Dr Ayoub Al Balushi said:

    After Complements
    Can you help me I bought new Galaxy S2 . And import My Contacts form Gmail Acounts throught Sync.
    I have more then 1800 contacts. and it was sync very good.
    THE problem with Showing names like Dr Shows just 5 names When I have more than 40 names.
    If I type Dr …… it shows me 5 Names .
    When I scroll to Word D > up Dr I find all.

    Even I tried goning contacts manu more Display options sort by firest name
    Disply contacts by frist name first
    still I have the problem . can you help on this .
    thanks Dr Ayoub

  • Marty said:

    Enjoyed your video TREMENDOUSLY! Any info on 2000mah battery with replacement back availability in the USA?

  • Andy said:

    Hi, could you please tell me how whilst answering a call on the SGSII and caller says they’ve sent me a txt message, how can i access it,get the info they sent then go back onto answer the caller ?

  • Anonymous said:


  • Pearl said:

    “you can simply swipe left to place a call or swipe right to enter a text.”

    Sorry but I insist it’s the other way around.

  • C said:

    Please Help!!!! I am having an issue where all my txts are bunched together. The view does not show me then you then me then you… it shows all one person, then all me at the bottom, this is very irritating. does ANYONE know how to fix this? I have called Samsung, and their Tech support, and they are telling me to do a master reset, but i do not want to lose everything…

  • HIND said:


    What shall I do if I want the files I am receiving through the bluetooth to be saved directly to my Gallery?


  • dnice said:

    how do you time stamp pictures

  • ks.rajkumar said:

    Hi all i am from india and i use Aircel as my carrier.When i go to settings and the go to about phone in which it ahows my mobile number as unknown and also in the name of.the network provider type it shows TATA DOCOMO how do i change these two fieds any idea!????
    I am using galazy S2 (Contrat free)

  • Alan said:

    I set up my GMAIL account and cannot figure out how to turn on message notifications for gmail chat (email notifications work fine)on my SGS2 (T-Mobile) I have a SGS1 and msg notification works there just fine for both emails and chat.

  • Billy said:

    For the screen timeout problem, go to “Market” and install “Widget Screen ON 2″


    and you are good to go.

  • Brad said:

    Can you please let me know when you tap on google it shows the last 4 line you searched for, can I delete these lines so no one else can see what I was searching.

    Many thanks in advance Brad

  • sean said:


    you need to learn how to talk and breathe at the same time, i’m starting to get a panic attack just listening to you on this video

  • martin said:

    is the any way to hide notification bar when on internet. it is getting in the way allot when I’m watching online videos with flash player and megavideo etc

  • Ag said:

    From the first time I installed and opened Yahoo Mail on the new Galaxy S2, it has remained online. Don’t really want it open at all times, but don’t know how to exit. On the android version there’s no exit or sign out box. Any yahoo mail users out there using Galaxy S2? Please help.

  • derek said:

    I really like my galaxy s2, but even when I have full bars i cannot get a connection. I really need to get online . Is there a way to fix this

  • sam said:

    It is about 2 days that i can see the downloading sign. But I can not track it what is that for and how I can stop downloading! plz help

  • nuria said:

    I installed skype and it works great but somehow the skype user number has been installed as a contact about 3o times and there is no way to delete.. How could I hid it??


  • anil said:

    Hi Vaibhav,
    Is there a way to customize the text “from my Samsung Mobile” that appears with your reply when you send it from a SgS2?

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  • jazmyn said:

    When taking pictures.. Is it possible to take off the capture sound without putting my phone on silent?

  • Apartments Finder said:


    I just got the S2 yesterday and love it so far
    glad i found this video blog :)
    I watched the you tube video as well and used most of your tricks
    one question, is there a way to train the voice recognition on this phone ? So
    far it does not do a great job for me….
    thanks in advance

    Apartments Finder

  • Nikki said:



  • Samsung Gal said:

    I’m former Blackberry user and I miss A LOT of features it had.
    I realize you need to decide what it is you expect from your phone.
    Blackberry is a great text and phone machine with camera.
    Galaxy is a mini computer.
    I miss the flashing light telling me I have a missed call or message.
    I miss pinning friends – we now use Fring a free chat video phone app that allows users to text, video chat and post statuses :)
    I miss that the Blackberry had an auto on/off feature.
    What good is having an alarm set when the phone won’t wake up to wake me up?
    I miss the keyboard – is there a bluetooth keyboard I can use with it?
    I miss the icons and the sounds – on the SG2 icons and sounds are lame.
    I miss texts and calls listed in one easy to check screen.
    I miss how easy it is to return a phone call on the Blackberry. In the SG2 you have to do too many taps to get to the call log.
    Everyone keeps saying I’ll get used to it and how great it is… for what I’m used to I’m still not a fan. Typing on glass is annoying but that’s not limited to the SG2.
    I do love some things about it but in those cases I think I’d be happier with just a tablet and a blackberry separately…

    Really hope I find out if I can do auto off/on with the SG2.
    Thanks for reading

  • Alicia said:

    I’m having trouble minimizing windows. I also was able to access my task manager by long pressing the pad key,to accomplish the task of switching applications,but I can’t seem to get it to work now. I only had the phone a couple of days. This just started & am not sure if it’s a hardware defect.

  • Carlee said:

    The toolbar at the bottom of my home screen is gone. How do I get it back?

  • Karl said:

    Now power dialers are available for mobile. And it is the most economical solution for call centers. “MY SALES DIALER” is a mobile Power dialer. but this dialer is only for higher level management to dial important contacts.., it is a dialer coupled with CRM features, it doesn’t to configure it with any system, only install it to mobile and it is ready to use.

  • Nash D said:

    I have benefited so much from the video submitted .. It is great ! but I need to know how you differentiate between all the message on “MESSAGING” since I get all received and sent messages next to each other and I can not sort between received and sent ones. Can you please help me … thanks

  • Jan Kelsey said:

    Is it possible to set up one button qick calls? I had this on my old phonw and would love to know how to set it up on mt Gallaxy.

  • razia said:

    hi please help,my s2 has been locked by my son i cant get access to it as i cant remember my username and password cz i made a few iv tried all of them but dont understand why it is not responding.i had put a pattern on and he tried 20/30 times and blocked it any help much appreciated thankyou

  • John Reinagel said:

    Is there a setting to block certain incoming numbers to not receive calls or texts?

  • saad said:

    How to i thanks bettery life of galaxy s2 . it give only 8hours . thier is any way to extend bettery life please tell me and for nice tips

  • Amr said:


    thanks for the tricks really helpful, but i have a question

    galaxy s2 has a feature to become mute when you flip the phone on its face, so if there is incoming call the phone will become silent and you will not hear any sound ofcourse you know this feature. my question is it possible to disable this feature ?


  • doug said:

    is there a way to copy and paste

  • doug said:

    is there way to copy and paste

  • Marija said:

    hey.. so I just bought my SG2.. and I was wondering if I can make the picture of a person show when he is calling me……. because I have a friend with a veeeeeerrrrryyyy old (:P)samsung mobile and she can do that….. btw thnx for the video :)

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  • tony said:

    My S2 sometimes freezes or goes dark and freezes. Cant switch off and only way to resolve is to take battery out and replace. Any clues??Many thanks

  • capt vivek agarwal said:

    If facing prob in establishing gmail account in Samsung galaxy s2 pls contact on the given email.

  • Alanis said:

    Ey e estado buscando por una app que ponga la pantalla de mi galaxy s2 en la del ordenador via wifi

    “Soy crellente de que si existe por que puedo controlar mi ordenador desde mi galaxy s2 con la Phone my pc app”

    no creo que se tandificil de hacer lo opuesto solo que nadamas verla

    Ojale alguien me alla entendido y si saben de la app re-post a qui mismo

  • Chris said:

    when I’m listening to a radio station online… how do I keep the radio playing when I’m switching between pages on the internet or whatever…. this would be handy other then when I’m on the phone taking a call… I can never go anywhere else on my phone out the radio cutting out/off… any suggestions?
    thank you in advance…!!!

  • Tom Oller said:

    I switched to the s2 from the captivate. Love the phone but I miss my silence toggle on the notifications bar. I don’t need airplane mode, so is there a way to customize the bar?

  • Albert said:

    Thank you for such an informative guide to the Samsung features.
    I have only had my phone for 2 days and what an upgrade from my Omnia 2.
    I have definitely made the right decision in buying the Galaxy.

  • Ioanna said:

    Hi there i just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S2 and i want to ask you if i can change the background of my e-mail screen.It is black and i want to change it if i can of course.Have a nice day.

  • Your Questions About Galaxy S2 - Galaxy S2 · Galaxy S2 said:

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  • nick said:

    how can i switch from mobile veiw into a regular internet view, i tried to do it in web settings but i dont see it, please help

  • oscar said:

    Please response ASAP. I change the user agent by mistake and now the only one I can choose is the custom agent on my sys2 epic touch and now every time that I open the browser closes instantly. I tried everything an nothing works.

  • jesse said:

    Awesome video! I have a couple questions. First, when I stream video I can see streaks which look like cracks or dead pixels when the screen goes black. I checked for dead pixels with the *#0*# method and everything came out ok so could this be the streaming quality?

    Second, when I record in 1920×1080 the camera auto zooms and I can’t zoom out, how can I change that setting?

  • Dean said:

    Great video with awesome tips :)

    I was wondering if anyone knew how you can change your download settings. E.g. i did it once where i now download 5 things at once but cant remeber how to change it back. I was wondering if any one could help me to resolve this and put it back to only downloading 1 thing at a time??


  • Monika said:

    john left me last year in Dec for another woman with whom he was working with. We have been friends, husband and wife, and soul mates for 30 years. He has never hurt me or done anything like this before. I would like Dr.Zack Balo’s help,wiseindividualspell@gmail.com

  • danielle said:

    How do you get into your draft messages?

  • Roland Stockton said:

    How do you get rid of the little icons on top bar of Samsung S2 they look like little coloured cones

  • Sherry said:

    Please help!!!
    My sgs2 is locked on flightmode it says it’s off but still shows plane in top corner where network coverage normally is. No one can seem to help me it also doesn’t register that my sim in inserted. Another strange thing is the imei in the about menu says unknown

  • adrian said:

    my samsung galaxy s2′s touchscreen isnt working…i have been having the same problem for quite a while.. ex. its not working today and tomorrow i can use it again..and the nxt it wont.. anyone have ideas about my problem?

  • david w said:

    Hi. i cant get word suggestions on my s2 even with predictive text on. what is missing? A previous s2 had suggestions even for russian.

  • harish said:

    i have put an wallpaper for de lock screen n nw i wanna remove it n i wanna get back to default lock screen …. plz let me knw hw can i do it :)

  • john paul said:

    i have a major problem with my galaxy s2.I downloaded EASY BATTERY SAVER from the apps market and it caused my internet connection to crash.I cannot connect to the internet for the past few days.Anyone any idea how i can fix this?

  • Ankeetaa said:

    Appreciate the information. Thank you so much. Can you tell me how to save birthday reminders?

  • monteayarco said:

    Here in centralamerica most of this features don´t come with the phone, probably it is a cheaper vertion. again! :(

  • Ashish Jindal said:


    Great video for the starters. I want couple of my folders to be password protected but I am not able to find a option for the same. Can you please let me know how can i do that.


  • Marc said:

    I have a GS2 in the US and we don’t have the option to change the bottom default programs like you do. Have you heard about how to change them on my version of the GS2?


    PS. Awesome video. Bookmarked for sure.

  • Dorothee said:

    Hello Vaibhav, I watched your very informative video on the handheld blog.You were saying if anyone had any more questions to get in touch I have a question: in texting mode I took my eye of the screen for a second and touched somethings accidentally that brought up advanced editing options and up, down, left and right arrows to whizz through text easily. But I can’t recreate that happy accident.Do you you know how to get those options Up? Thank you, Dorothee

  • Geoff said:


    I really need to ad templates to text messages. I need to be able to do what other phones can do and that is ad a pre formed text template then ad to text messaging. Your tips and tricks were exceptional. Than you


  • Sally said:

    When u text the text is in a box. my hubby said you can change the color and u can get different ones. I don’t no how to do it. do u no.

  • Jay said:


    I’d like to know if everyone has the problem that I do.

    I am in law enforcement and use my phone for evidence purposes. When I heard about the screen capture on this phone I went out and bought one as I knew the iPhone had this feature but don’t like iPhone.

    During an interview with a suspect, the phone was recording. I wanted to be able to pause the video and screen capture the males face for future identification. To my dismay, the capture comes up blank.

    Is there a way to fix this … or get an android app that will work … I tested it on my partners iPhone and that feature works …. (Thumbs down)

  • Dr.sam said:

    Anyone please tell me about its battery life !! Possible to use it for whole day ?

  • Muhammad Imran said:

    Hi dear,

    Thank you so much for this review of tricks & short cuts. Really helpful tutorial. I had searched on hell of sites to know how to change user-agent of a Samsung Galaxy S2 browser but your way is the best and simplest. Thanks for it. Also, I would like to ask one thing. Isn’t there any option to add more details to any of a contact list member in S2 ? Like Nokia have it. I mean if I would like to add more details to any of my contact list member ( Email id, Home phone number, website URL , company name , Fax ) all these kind of details. How can I do it? Can you please advise. I will wait for your message. Thanks.

  • Muhammad Imran said:

    Hi there,

    I am sorry, I forgot to ask you few more questions about my phone also. 2nd question is : When I start writing a text message, if my text goes more than 4-6 messages then phone convert that message into a MULTIMEDIA message. I don’t want it. how can I fix it? Is there any settings available to fix it ?

    3rd Question : Is there any way that I can increase my phone battery life?

    4th Question : In Email, I have set-up my one official account but it is not giving me an option to set-up my another email account. How can I do it? any idea?

    So far I have all these questions for you to ask about Samsung Galaxy S2.. If i will have any more I would be happy to ask them later on.



  • Geoff said:

    Thanks everyone

  • Dean said:

    Hi Imran, im not any special guy from this website but i might be able to help you :)

    Question 1 : Select your contact, the basic information will come up of them. Then press the menu key, bottom right, and then edit. there you have information to edit this includes email goggle talk there adress, birthday, anniversary and so on ;)

    Quesation 2 : unfortuntaly i have never had this problem and cant help you, sorry, all i would advise is you call them if its that long or try to send smaller texts :S sorry

    Question 3 : i use “easy battery” app from the market place which is free, it is very useful and helps keep ur battery life, its also very good to personalize with as u can choice stuff like super saver ,normal or inteligent battery saver which all do diffrent things. It also give you tips on how to save with out using the app e.g dont charge with a cover on as the excess heat does not do the battery good.

    Question 4 : This is very simple, just go to ur apllications, then onto your email. Once there press the menu key and hit accounts. From there you will see an option to add an account.

    Hope this helps, just remeber im not one of them and i just want to help ;)

  • amakhudair said:

    how i can call any contacts by only say the name of this contacts without look to phone my phone is galaxy s2 ?

  • Rebecca said:

    Thanks for the info! I just got my phone yesterday and the texting seems all messed up. What I write is all in one area at the top of the screen and what the other person writes is all together at the bottom. It makes it extremely confusing to follow a converstaion when I can’t see what I write unless I scroll to the top. Can you help?

  • Bill said:

    I would love to see if there is any way to add a shutter button on the camera that is not virtual, the screen button disturbs me a little.

  • amakhudair said:

    I have before htc windows mobile in this mobile I can assign voice name to any one in my contact list and when I need to call this contact name just press on one key and say the voice name which I assign before but now when I buy galaxy s2 i9100 I can not do this only I use voice commander and voice commander must be connected to internet and some time in car can not find internet without internet it give me message please check the your network and try again
    Really I need this function work without use internet it very importend

  • farhan said:

    How 2 lock images and videos n software like whatsapp n other in galaxy s2

  • Bhargav said:

    I can not read gujarati fonts in S2. Can u plz guide me how I can able to do that? it will be very helpful

  • nikhil gupta said:

    tell me why change in between user agent

  • Ashok said:

    Dear Vaibhav,

    When are we likely to get official Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade?

  • Sadhvik said:

    On my phone youtube, whatsapp and the market aren’t opening with data network it only opens when i’m connected through wifi and specific reason why this is happening

  • rigo said:

    How do you transfer text pictures from your phone to your gallery?

  • Kan said:

    I had Nokia E71 and just upgraded to Samsung GS2. Would someone know if we can configure GS2 to ask user to choose the access point for internet connection such as: wifi or mobile internet?

  • Rodney said:

    Great tips. I just got my device yesterday. When I hold the menu key it does not go to search. The add, wallpaper, search, notification, edit and settings prompts show up. Is there something wrong with my device? Thank you.

  • vinay said:

    Ya id like to add another one… unlike in nokia,android doesnt have the silent option popped up on the screen when the phone rings. for this just press the ‘lower volume’ button n the ring goes silent. very handy for me. :)

  • lottie da said:

    I shot a short movie on the camera on galaxy s /2 how do I access it.
    ANy advice on double twist. how to select a picture to attach, where is the browse button hidden
    as I am in India and this phone is so new,
    I cannot find a human who knows these answers.

  • Shay said:

    I got my samsung Galaxy SII the other day, and I’m finally on contract..But I tried calling my friend, and it said my phone account has been suspended? how can I working, like texting, phoning and internet.

  • Michael said:


    Nice educating & informative video. Can you teach me how to change the face (cover screen) of the phone as soon as we turn on there is an orange screen which we swipe our finger to remove with our finger by swiping & get in to the main phone where we see the apps? How can I change that to anything else?

  • max proxi said:

    can s2 do rapid snapshot

  • Thuy Linh said:

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  • Stacey said:


    Thanks for your great tips!

    I have a question for you.

    Can we put image/photo onto the home screen? – not as wallpaper, just as an image/photo.

    Thank you! :D

  • Millie said:

    Hey can you tell me if there is a way to make my text message notice go off more than once before i actually get a chance to read the message? I often dont hear it and dont realize that there was a message on it, and sometimes it too late.

  • mohan said:

    Really Useful tips with detailed Post.

  • Sites of the Month: December 2011 | An Evil Nymph's Blog said:

    [...] a lot of videos on youtube and a lot of tips, tricks and reviews on the net… until I saw the Must Know Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy s2!! All I [...]

  • mary said:

    Want to get my calendar info off nokia e7. also phone book doesnt come up in my car.. worked fine with nokia ? Thanks.mary

  • Cathy said:

    I cant make calls!! I try pressing the phone button but it just takes me back to the home page. And there is a green bar at the top … Why is it there? I slide down and it just takes me to my notifactions…. PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU :)

  • Mary said:

    the green button with the ‘phone’ image on it…. slide it across..:)

  • Alisa said:

    Really great tips. I just got mine and this is the best how-to video I’ve seen.

    Question: Is it possible when I’m recording a video to lock the screen so it doesn’t stop recording with an accidental press?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tammy said:

    Hi. I seem to be having volume trouble with this phone when I put a case on it. My callers say I sound muffled or echoey. Is there anything I can do about this? This phone is way to delicate to not have a case on it.

  • SAM said:

    Planning to buy Galaxy SII tomorrow. Just had a few second thoughts cross my mind on going through this website because of the number of problems people have identified. I’d also like to mention that this would be my first smart phone, previously i’ve not even used symbian based phones. Would anyone recommend to go ahead with this one?

  • ppalafox said:

    Excelente Tutorial !!!, it was really helpful !!! I had no idea about all these nice features …
    happy seasons !!

  • Jeff said:

    really good article, many thanks

  • Kamran said:


    i just went through your very useful go through of Galaxy S2. I will appreciate if you could guide me that which firmware number contains support for urdu and arabic because i had bought my s2 from abroad and when i try to open urdu or english websites it breaks the words and i also unable to type urdu and arabic.

    thanks in advance.


  • Teri M said:

    Hello I want to save my pictures from messaging, don’t no how please help

  • Kedar Kulkarni said:

    Hi Vaibhav

    First of thank you very much for sharing this great piece of work with all the people out here including myself. I have recently got my Android based Galaxy S2 phone which is a wizard for me and now I can do a lot of things on it without any hassle, however there are few things for which I would appreciate any help from you, and I hope other people out here would also be benefited by this:

    1) what are the short-cuts for email application eg shortcut for reply to a mail or reply to all or even delete the mail. Also shortcut for selecting bunch of unwanted mails and delete them at once.

    2) I want to read marathi newpaper websites on the phone especially when I am travelling, in this case I found that whenever I open any marathi news paper website or anything which is in Marathi unicode font on the phone it shows me as boxes. So I searched the net and I found that I ll need to download droidhindi.ttf font and copy it in the systems dir on the phone but for this I need to Root my device however I do not know to do that, therefore any simple advice would be much of help.

    3) Which application shall I use to kill the applications from RAM in order to free up some memory.

    4) How do I get registered to Samsung website in order to receive further software updates (such as Android 4.0 Ice-creame sandwitch)

  • Karen Cooley said:

    How do i get spell check on my GalaxySII. For messaging SMS Text.

  • FlevoTJ said:


    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II, about 3 weeks ago.

    Now I’ve got a problem.
    My battery is going empty, but I can’t refill it.
    Is the battery broken?
    The Galaxy is going hot. The temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius.
    I tried to fill the battery with my adapter and also trough USB in my PC.
    Both times, the level of the battery is going down, slowly.

    Does anybody have the same problem, as I do.
    I think it’s the battery, but maybe it’s another problem.
    I can use my garantee, but I don’t want to pay for the research. And in that case I have to let them have my Galaxy SII for at least 2 weeks.
    I hope anyone can help me.
    thank you for your help.



  • Andy said:


    I am a Brit living in China and I have just bought myself the Samsung Galaxy S2. Now, I am a novice when it comes to smartphones and I am sure I will be coming back here for more advice in the future, the near future, but to start off with my device is locked to the Chinese Samsung Apps store website. I am unable to get to an English/Europe version of this site. I have tried finding out what I can, and it has been recommended to use a firmware update from http://www.SamMobile.com but I don’t want to do anything that may damage or hinder my use of the phone. Do you know what I can do, I still get some internal messages from the device in Chinese despite changing all language settings.

    Also, my device is full of Chinese Apps I do not need but am unable to remove them no matter how often I delete them.

    And one final question, for now, do you know of any VPN Apps? Being in China I have some internet restrictions, but on my laptop I am able to use Freegate, something like this would be of great help to me.

    Thank you


  • hayden said:

    If u go to the buit in messaging app and hit the menu button then hit setting and then notifications u can uncheck the notification box and it will quit coming through that app.

  • Gamal said:

    Hi,, Do you know how can i save my places and star my locations at maps on galaxy s2?

  • Max said:

    hi guys ..i want to know how to change the default name of the pictures that i take with the samsung galaxy s2 camera from “334234_45345″ to the date or a name or something…
    who can help me …? thanks!

  • Kate Spelman said:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the gs2 running the snapdragon 1.5 GHz processor? I have seen generic bt keyboards in electronic s stores, but no one is talking about the compatibility with the galaxy s2. Thanks. If you know it can be done, please add which keyboards. Thx

  • Lee said:

    Really useful stuff! Have shared this on twitter.

  • tony said:

    How do you clear your previous searches in google browser?

    My phone wont let me make a video call, is there something i need to set up?

  • Teri M said:

    How do I save pictures that are sent to Me picture text on my galaxy s ll

  • Dianehernandez said:

    How do I delete a contact person from my contacts when im sending out a picture,the selection it gives me to send to, how do I delete a certain individual ,an another iquestion when I went on the google web site,punch in a web went to it an now that particular website shows up on my contacts where I can send pictures how to do I delete those web sites showing up on those contacts.

  • Cherry said:

    dude ur voice is clear and study is absolutely brilliant. i loved ur blog and video about Samsung Galaxy S2.
    I also own Galaxy S2 and love 2 know more about it (Tricks and Tips).
    dude i have a query:
    Q: How to upgrade my Android Version? I am not able to find it. Please help or mail.

    Rockafella \../,

  • Jay said:

    Any1 knows how to remove the andriod video ringtone from Galaxy S2?

  • perla said:

    Is there any way I can be on a call & be able to use my camera

  • Nickol said:

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  • Andre Soeiro said:

    Hi! Excellent tips. I seem to have a very ackward problem on my S2:.somehow I have removed all links to the standard internet browser and now there is no one on earth that has been able to tell me where to get it back or how to install it again. It does not show up in the applications list.
    Any ideas on how to solve this?

  • Pro said:

    very kool tips Vaibhav .. Thanks

  • Carl said:

    Very helpful video. Just got a galaxy s ii to replace. lost nexus 1 and miss one great featurein the Samsung. When expanding a web page to read, on my old nexus 1there was a + sign to increase font size which resized the whole page to fit within the screen. Samsung does not have that-requiring me to scroll side to side to read each line. Am I stuck or is there a setting or hack? Thanks for yr advice.

  • welda said:

    I would like to know how to turn off the stupid notifications you get saying stuff like you have won an ipod

  • sal said:

    how about a minimize function when your trying to multitask.
    at the momment it seems like you can only back out of an app if u want to do something else.

  • Saahil said:

    Hi sharma… Excellent job.. You explain very beautifully.. And provide great information.. Pls upload one more video how to use usb exactly in detail.. Like for pen drive and hard disc .. To play hard disc i should get external power supply it seems.. I have 500 gb which runs without power supply.. What i need to actually buy now.? M confused .. Pls reply to it..

  • Teri M said:

    Do people have the same problem I have I noticed there is a lot of other people that have problems with their phone, but nothing is ever really answer.??

  • Andre Soeiro said:

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but this is the only question I belive I can answer. When we are running any application, one single quick push in the “home” button (big square button right below the screen) will “minimize” the application currently running and set us free to do anything else.
    To get back to the minimized application, either run it through it’s shortcut again, or hold the home button for a couple of seconds and run the task mannager. Then click on the desired application, being careful not to click on the close button.

  • ning said:

    very nice review..one of the best on s2.

    i purchased s2 mobile in dubai and want to know how to enable kannada font in my mobile and replace arabic… is it possible.. any help will be appreciated.

  • Lisa said:

    Love your post. I l learned more in a few min. here than the hours I’ve spent searching the Web for tips.THANK YOU!!

  • Peter said:

    Its there a “recycle bin”or a way to undo files that were deleted from the media player? I was led to believe that choosing the”remove”option when in media players “all” tab would only remove what was in the media player only yet it removed all the original files. Not happy.

  • Dr.Zack Balo said:

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  • Peter said:

    When I removed music files from the media players”all”tab it completely deleted all the original files from the phone, not happy. Its there a undo or restore option or a recycle bin of sorts to recover these files?

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  • buy a research paper said:

    This information is very good for me . Very spacial thanks to Author of this article

  • monteayarco said:

    Thanks for tricks, I just got my sII and I love it.

  • Anshu said:

    I’m not able to lock my Samsung galaxy S2 phone with a pattern or a pin
    Anyone Please advice me to solve my problem

    Thank you

  • Adrian said:

    The stock (came with the phone) battery widget in the task bar it’s showing always the battery level it’s full until the battery goes dead. Why? Can you provide me some useful information please? I’m so frustrated. Please I need help. Thank you. Adrian.

  • James said:

    I don’t have a contribution, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to put a password on your S2, I have some very nosy friends and family that I don’t want invading my privacy.

  • Andre Soeiro said:

    Try something like this: (please forgive for the words I am using. My phone is in Portuguese (Brazil) so I am trying to translate it back to English.

    Settings -> Location and security
    under “Configurations for unlocking the screen” -> Change screen blocking pattern.

    When we setup a drawing pattern on the dots, that’ll be a special code that you have to enter in order to unlock the screen to make calls and anything else.

    For a slightly better reference, this is the menu sequence as it is written in portuguese, in my phone:
    Ajustar -> Localização e Segurança
    under white bold text “Configurações de desbloqueio de tela” -> Alterar Bloqueio da tela

    It shows some explanations on how to do it in the first time you try to set it up. Excellent security system for android phones.

    Also an excellent option, uncheck “Use visible pattern” so that the pattern you draw is not visible for other people around you. Makes it harder for them to find out the pattern you used and reproduce it.

    Good luck.

  • samsung s2 said:

    may i know y my s2 screen will light up even i nt press any buttons or running any application?

  • samsung s2 said:

    my s2 screen will always light up even i didnt press any buttons or running any application? is there any solutions?

  • Rohit said:

    Hey friends. I m nt able to see the hindi fonts in my phn as well as in any web browser like mozilla,opera etc. what should I do. No fontomiser from android market support this. If anyone knws this prob please let me knw. Thanks.

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  • Nkereuwem said:

    Please I would like to know how to password a folder or my gallery in my Samsung Galaxy S 2.

    Thank you

  • Jenny O said:

    I have the white Galaxy S II from tmobile an I could not get the ‘tap and hold menu’ to get search feature to work. does it work on everyone’s phone or is this model excluded?

  • KIrsten said:


    Ihave just bought an S2 and I have my tried ti set my screen display timeout to either 2mins or 10 mins depending, but it doesnt seem to matter which one i have it on it keeps defaulting back to 15 secsand is driving me nuts >> any ideas or tips would be appreciated thanks :)

  • Justin said:

    Is there a way to change the “light rays” welcome/opening screen on my Galaxy S 2?

  • rednine said:

    Ugh! I just got this phone after buying a screen capture app.

  • rednine said:

    When I hold the home key it opens task manager and when I hit power I get a screen capture of my stupid task manager

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  • dipesh said:

    yesterday we install software but in between better y low & mobile switch off today morning we on my mobile but they display only S symbol what we do mobile is Samsung galaxy s kindly give suggestion please..please.

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  • mIchelle said:

    hI. thanks for the tIps. you menton that we can contInue to play vIdeo clIps lIke youtube when you press on the power button. howvere, the vIdeo stop pkayIng the moment I press power button. why Is that so?

  • Shikari said:

    Nice video but u need to stop swallowing your spit and breathe so loud, drink a little water and relax, this is not a live video u can edit it later

  • Joyce said:

    Thanks for useful info. I have a problem. I have a Galaxy S2, however, when I download the videos to my computer, they do not play. I’ve tried opening the MP4 files w/DivX and Quicktime. I get sound but no pic. My sister has a Galaxy also (earlier model). I downloaded her videos on to my computer and they play beautifully. They are also MP4 files. I can’t figure it out, please help!!

  • penguin9 said:

    Great tips. It would take a lot of trial and error and multiple re-readings of the manual to get all of this information.

    Is there a way to set up a sound notification for voicemail or a widget like the one for missed calls or IM’s on the splash screen? The indicator on the top bar is sometimes obscurred by other notifications and is tiny.

    Thanks again for putting all of this information in one place.


  • L J said:

    i have the new Galaxy Note and am new to Android. you have been a big help. i’m still looking for the pen app.and have made some changes to my home screen that were not intentional and don’t know how to undo or fix the changes. is there an Android tutorial out there somewhere? Thanks for your help.

  • suman said:

    Thanx for the tip…didn’t know some of them…I wanna know How to block unknown calls in S2? The built in call rejection mode consists of blacklist as “Unknown”…however it doesn’t block unknown numbers…dunno why?..can you help.

  • ritika said:


    2 questions :

    A) how to st a full screen dialler? .. I selected a picture but whenevr I dial it shows as just a small ICON on the screen.

    B) Is there an option where we can set 7 different wall papers for 7 different screens.

  • steve said:

    How can I change the font size? i’d like text and view internet without reading glasses.

  • sabrina said:

    just wanted to say, THANK YOU !!, so helpfull, so detailed, a lil fast i had to pause n replay alot. but awesome info. very good 2 know. i just got mine in white 3 days ago, im coming from the htc sensation 4g from tmobile, i actually swotched to sprint. n btw saved 200.00 by going through wirefly.com.to sign up n purchase, i paid 190.00 w shipping through em for this sgs2 n new service. to let others know. n have loved it ever since. by far this is the best video ive seen on tips n tricks for any device. love your accent, im from St.Bernard, Louisiana, (15 min outside new orleans). but thanks so much for your time n effort. you taught me alot n i usually tell tmobile what to do. so i know the android system. this is just a lil different. but awesome n user friendly once taught. hope to hear more from ya soon. thanks again.

  • Sabrina said:

    I have a samsung galaxy s2…i have watched the video which was great. I would like to know how i can change my notification settings. At the moment when i receive a text or any message it lights up and then scrolls at the top so anyone can read my messages wirhout unlocking my phone. I hate that. Please help.

  • Lisa said:

    I agree with Sabrina…can we change where not everyone can see our incoming text…also is there not a light that blinks to show we have a message or email…also my phone will not lock…is there a setting to change that?

  • Greg said:

    My company likes to put the phone number in the location field. (ex. 1-888-753-2424 X45566454 Where the X455.. is the passcode. On the blackberry, you can simply highlight it and it will auto dial for you. If I highlight it using the Samsung S2 it prompts me to Complete action using Maps or TeleNav GPS, since it thinks it is a location. Can add a phone to these options? or Is there a way to auto dial from the location field? Thank you,

  • Amanda said:

    Hi, great video! Is there a which way to add a bookmark in your browser?

  • Dousi said:

    Great tips and I add an app called VeryAndroid SMS Backup. It is a smart andriod sms backup software that can copy and backup sms on Android phone to computer directly via usb or wifi.

  • kate said:

    Hi I have samsung galaxy s2 but can use the conference feature on it. Every time I try to connect the secound caller it comes up with an error ‘unbable to switch calls’. NOTE: it also does this when I try to put a call on hold.

    Please help.

  • Biraj said:

    While I am fairly adept with using a PC and even troubleshooting (thanks to the web) problems; however, I am not a very sophisticated user of technology (iPhone or Android) and in fact was desperately looking if I could get another UI for my SG S2 when your blog came up. Are there any recommendation you have in this context. I have considered selling it, but I paid big bucks last Sept. when I bought an unlocked piece from Expansys.

    To give you some idea of the level of my cell phone illiteracy, despite my literally spending hours I have not even been able to download Kies, let alone use it. And Samsung remains deafeningly silent on challenges such as mine even when they are asked.

    Among my many major frustrations with the SGS2 is that when I do a search all the results come in very tiny fonts. So I pinch-out and voila I can now read the text, but often it is too large so I try to reduce it and then it becomes too small. When I go “back” the text has again gone default tiny on me. I have few questions about this:

    1. Is there any way that after I have done a search and make the text larger or more readable that once I pinch-out the text, it remains the same larger or readable size.

    2. Can you PLEASE share a list of what you consider is essential software for the SG S2 that would make it a user friendly experience so me (and others like me) find it more usable.

    3. Is there a user friendly replacement for Kies you can recommend.

    Thanks so much for your blog, I am glad I came across it because it is a fount of solid information.

    Thanks also in advance for any advice, help and recommendations you can provide.

  • Beth said:

    I still cannot find browser text wrap, which is really annoying.Where in settings is it?

  • Bedding Sets said:

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  • Antonio kaai said:

    I have a new S2 Galaxy and they are recomending a password..anyone have any idea??

  • ItsMichaelNotMike said:

    Those having trouble with setting up web pages (such as word wrap, etc.) remember there’s two “Settings” menus, the App Settings and the Settings when you are in the browser.

    When on a web page click the hard menu key, the far left backlit key.

    A Menu will pop up.

    Press the “More” menu item, typcically the lower right menu item.

    From there press “Settings on the pop-up menu.

    A Menu will pop up on a page titled “Page content setting.”

    There will be listed “Test size, Auto-fit pages, Set home page, Enable plug-ins” etc.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike said:

    Pardon the typographical errors such as “test size.” I meant “Text size.” :)

  • costas said:

    l have a serious problem.anyone who calls me hears his voice double.what can l do?

  • Katya said:

    i couldn’t do the screenshot :/

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  • Stephen lay said:

    i have just got the Galaxy s2 and its great even better now you have shown me a good few things i didnt know about so thank you for that what i would like to know is can i put folders into my gallery so i can put say dog pictures in one folder and cats or rabbits in another folder so it wuld be easyer to find thing instead of going through all the pictures just to find on please help me on this and thank you again.

  • Marian said:

    I have had GS11 for 4 days & has now locked & wants a password.Does it have a origional one which I can then put in my own?
    Thank You in advanced

  • Patricr Mitsos said:

    I just received my new Samsung Galaxy SII, and am still learning the ropes around it…but I loke ot However, I have no idea where to find an auto spellcheck function? And, from what I’ve read thus far, this Android doesn’t seem to come equipped with it. It’s hard enough typing on the precise keys (I only use my right pinky for precision, and I have small hands and fingers! I don’t know how guys type on this phone!)….this model should absolutely have some sort of built-in spell check function. If it is not equipped with one, what app do you recommend I download?

  • Andre Soeiro said:

    Learn how to use the “Swype” function. You activate it by clicking once in that blue engine with a curved line on it, that is visible in the virtual keyboard. Then, all you need to do is move your finger over the keys that form the words you want to type, removing your finger and touching the keyboard again only in between words. The Swype function will add spaces between words for you, and when in doubt between more than one word, will present you options to choose. It also learns the words you type manually if it does not have them in it’s dictionary.
    I leave here a tip for the owner of the website, that making a video that teaches how to use the swype function is very desirable.

  • Patrice Mitsos said:


    Thanks for your reply. I do use the swipe function, but I think I came across it via osmosis. I do often see the words pop up that are close to the one I’m trying to edit to, or the word itself, and will select. However, I don’t know what you’re refering to when you say “blue engine with the curved line on it”…I don’t know what you referring to at all here. When I’m in an item from my calendar, for instance (in which I top all my daily activities, in detail…I’m looking for a job, starting a website…I have major to-do lists that I embed right in various time slots for the day. Maybe I should use some other mechanism in which to do this…suggestions?) Anyway, in these areas, when I make a mistake, I have to press for the blue cursor, and slide it around to manually edit (e.g., insert and/or delete letters). And on sending emails, it’s the worst. I REALLY wish that there were an auto spell when communicating to others…e.g., for emails. Is there any app I can get for autospell for the GSII?

  • Milot said:

    How offen should i update the version of my gt 9100 and sorry for my english !

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  • Ricardo said:

    Can we have an automatic add of the country code on our contact list contacts while we are on rooming?

  • yasmin said:

    please please do you know if you can spell check?

  • A Geek's Way said:

    I like second tip “Quick call and text” which I discovered accidentally. It can be used in any view like messages, logs or contacts. I mentioned this and couple of more Samsung galaxy tips at my website ageeksway.com

  • FLORY said:

    hey, can u please tell me how to send mms from S Plus?!

  • Auto Glass Minnesota said:

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  • undeeatable said:

    Hey guys to all who jst cnt get new window for new window when typed aboutuseragent.. Try this about:debug then goto settings then to uastring then u vil find it gyu

  • Enya Johnston said:

    Is there anyway for me to get predictive text or spell check on my new Samsung Galaxsy S2?

  • Jamal Harb said:

    Nice tricks, thank you very much.
    i have a problem and hope you can help me….i recorded 4 videos at 1280*720 and at some point it says maximum recording space reached. I pressed the recording button again and it happened again, i stopped the other 2 videos. Anyway, i watched one of the two that were stopped by the phone and it was fine, after a while i went to gallery and the 2 videos that were stopped by the phone were not there. I went to my files, DCIM, Camera and those 2 videos are there but with 0 kb size, i connected my phone to computer and they are 0kb size. I don’t know why that happened and i hope that i can recover them with your help.
    Thank You
    Jamal Harb

  • Darkson said:

    Discovered a neat trick.
    In a web browser, tap the side of the phone twice and it scrolls to the top.

  • schental said:

    i watched the you tube video and also read the text. the screen shot doesn’t wk, and i can’t find the option about text wrapping. when i type a name while in the phone dial pad the person Im trying to call does not pop up. i also can’t freeze my screen while watching a video. i can’t use the notification bar as a brightness adjuster. can’t even use the home screen 2 reach the net ? was this supposed 2 be for the s3 ??

  • download games said:

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  • Alex said:

    SGS2 needs a more user friendly interface or atleast a good tutorial installed already with a fresh phone, just bought from stores. It’s a good phone but many of my friends seem to have problems in understanding how to use it.

  • Electric2012 said:

    Note: Not all Samsung Galaxy S2s have these features, I just got mine through t-mobile and it does not have the square button at the bottom of the face, it does not have the screen shot function as you showed and the function to adjust brightness by swiping the notifications tab also does not exist. Lastly I play an online game called the stratagems and the software on the phone does not support it though I hear other s2 owners can play the game on their device. My conclusion is T-Mobile sells an inferior model. Just a heads up

  • Smith y said:

    I cannot send a photo with a text message on my 727 skyrocket Samsun galaxy. I have friends who can do this why can’t I do this on my phone?

  • shanz said:

    thanks ..

  • Paige Mcknight said:

    how do you zoom in out and out when watching videos you download. mine automatically goes to the zoomed in version and its really stretched and hard to see.

  • Sunil Kumar said:

    Thank you so much for the shortcuts.

    I would like to know how to record the call.

    Also i would like to know is there a way to set the profile settings to make the phone to give notifications for calls, SMS and other alerts on specific time. and the phone should be silent mode out of the specified time.

  • Nitesh Wadhwa said:

    Hi ,

    How I can add/remove the options in the Quick Panel? Initially there are 5 options :
    5)Screen Rotation.

    I need to add the Mobile Data option. Please let me know how i can do the same.

  • ANIL said:

    How to reduce menu item size in Samsung Galaxy S2.
    (For example, when you press settings option, it opens up with list of options, how to change this option size)

  • ursa said:

    hi. can someone tell me how to scroll in a window within a window in SGS2??


  • jack said:

    if you put a full stop before a files name its becomes hidden while in your files press menu button then more then ‘show hidden folders’ to show the folders again (if the hidden folder has photos in it then they wont show up in youre gallery) enjoy ;)

  • Piyush Jain said:

    When ever i click the photo, images dnt comes to be that clear as it is in moled
    How it can be cured

  • Ataa Seshadri said:

    I guess I’m gonna have to do some more research but this is a really good spring board.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks | Stahuj cz filmy a MP3 zdarma said:

    [...] A video walkthough of some of the must know tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Details and screenshots at http://thehandheldblog.com/2011/06/14/galaxy-s2-tips-tricks/ [...]

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  • patricia said:

    cant set my predictive texts orsee the menu key

  • tracy said:

    hi wonder if you can help i have the samsung galaxy note 2 and i want to know when i go to facebook how do i save a picture there i click on ive tryed holding my finger for seconds and nothing comes up i just get up a trash bin. ive also downloaded several apps and they still wont let me save the pic any help please how to do this a simple way thankyou




  • Benny said:

    Great stuff !! Thanks !!
    know any shortcuts for switching off music player on a Galaxy S2 ? (web is full of (not pragmatic) advice – which leads me to the conclusion that there is no quick way (besides via the “active application” – application… (Pausing it and leaving it like that in the background is not good enough when @ the end of the battery life – and trying to squeeze the last few minutes out of the unit)

  • Atif Aslam said:


  • sammy said:

    How do I play music while on a call?? It just comes up saying “unable to play during call”"