The Nokia N9 Stars In The World’s Quickest Ads, 6 Ads In 60 Seconds

The Nokia YouTube page has just been updated, its all about the N9 now. But Nokia doesn’t believe in simple videos these days, remember the pretty cool interactive N8 unboxing? This time they’re bringing something new to the table, 6 ads in less that 60 seconds, making them perhaps the world’s Quickest ads.

Hit the page to see a set of 6 ads that run for about 9 seconds on average covering the N9’s design, camera, maps, social functionality, browser and its general awesomeness. You may be surprised how the message can be conveyed in such a short amount of time. Infact, it’d be great if all ads were like this, we’d save a lot time!

The idea behind the ads seems to be to show how the N9 can become an integral part of your life, yet be innocuous, letting you focus on what you’re doing rather than making the phone the center of your attention.

Its a fun watch!

6 thoughts on “The Nokia N9 Stars In The World’s Quickest Ads, 6 Ads In 60 Seconds”

  1. Those ads are kind of… well retarded. You barely see the UI in action and most of those short 6 seconds are just completely unrelated things.

  2. Nokia’s theme with the N9 was all about how it fits in, and how everything is a glance or swipe away, that you’d not need to stop what you’re doing to focus on the phone in order to get things done. These ads show that, that’s why the attention is not on the device, but the people.

    For a look at the UI, they have a bunch of other videos on the channel.

  3. For an advertisement to be effective people have to get what product you are advertising. Even if you want to be artistic or creative you have to show your product or its name clearly long enough for people to remember. Two seconds aren´t enough.

  4. I bet ELOP won’t do this crap with the W7 phones. Man they need to really show this phone off this doesn’t show anything.

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