Video: 4squick, Foursquare Client for Symbian Updated

4squick is a foursquare client for Symbian that just came out over a month ago, it was simple and it was fast, not to mention the great looking UI. Today its received an update that brings the ability to share your check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to that it also launches faster and lets you check-in privately. Other changes include the ability to view the leaderboard to see how you’re doing compared to your friends and the ability to view profiles.

While the official foursquare app was also updated today, its not a patch on the speed and design on which 4squick operates. To show you just how well it works, I’ve put together a quick video that you can watch below.

You can download the application from the developer’s website. The default version comes with the new Nokia Pure font inbuilt, while there is also a version available without it.

If you use foursquare and have a Symbian device, I definitely recommend checking this app out.

4 thoughts on “Video: 4squick, Foursquare Client for Symbian Updated”

  1. Hey Vaibhav. Nice video of the awesome 4squick that shows off most of the new features.

    However some hidden details such as “long-press on a location in the first page to check-in quickly” and “long-press on the back button from anywhere to get back to the first page” haven’t been showcased here.

    I really wish future apps on Symbian^3 follow the same slick UI. It looks really attractive and is very functional.

  2. What impressive UI!
    MeeGo Harmattan lives in Symbian^3, awesome app!

    @Dpac: With new Symbian Qt Quick components, Symbian UI is very similar but dark.

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