Symbian Belle Shown Off On Video In Considerable Detail

There have been screenshots from Symbian Belle (Anna’s unannounced successor) floating around the internet for a couple of days now, but there’s nothing like an eight minute video to really shows off the brand new UI that incorporates an Android like swipe down notification/connectivity toggle area.

The widgets are now a lot like the N900, and aren’t restricted by size. The camera UI is new, so is the browser. Belle also brings a back button based UI system to the mix in addition of a few other changes.

Forget Anna, this is the update that you are truly waiting for. Nokia hasn’t even officially acknowledged Belle yet, but you can be certain that older Symbian^3 devices like the N8, C7, E7 and so on will be receiving the update. We can expect Symbian Belle devices being announced at Nokia World in October, and that’s probably when Nokia will officially demo Belle as well.

[via: @qoyumnasri]

4 thoughts on “Symbian Belle Shown Off On Video In Considerable Detail”

  1. Oh please don’t show us such videos and make us wait for something that might be several months away :P. Great find!

    Now Anna doesn’t seem so great 😐

  2. Koss Omak… what the **** up with this presenter… he is damn lost and doesn’t know where to go from where… keeps shifting from subject to another

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