Nokia N9 HD Video & Photo Samples

While we wait for Nokia to ship the N9, here’s something to give you a taste of the HD video capture goodness inside it. Bill Perry has taken 30 videos from a pre-production N9 and stitched them into one 2 minute clip that shows-off the N9’s capabilities capturing close-ups, how it handles direct sunlight and the detail that it can pull off.

He also point out that the only editing done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 was to adjust the duration of each clip to sync with the music and that no color correction or any other type of post production was done. You’ll agree, the results are pretty impressive.

Next, if you’d also like a taste of what still capture of the N9 is like, Bill’s uploaded three shots. The pictures were taken with the default camera settings – Scene (Automatic), Flash (Automatic), White Balance (Automatic), Light Sensitivity (Automatic), Aspect ratio (16:9), and Resolution (High).

You can click on each image to view them in the full 3552 x 2000 glory.

Nokia N9 Photo Samples

Nokia N9 Photo Samples

Nokia N9 Photo Sample

The Nokia N9 might not be the N8, but it is definitely shaping up to be a camera phone that you’ll be more than happy to bank on for your everyday needs. Nokia, just ship it already!

5 thoughts on “Nokia N9 HD Video & Photo Samples”

  1. Love the still image quality but 720p video seems really last gen, its something the N900 really should have been able to do and probably could if Maemo 5 had gotten the attention it deserved from Nokia.

    There really isn’t much to set the N9 apart technically from the N900 hardware wise, other than what its LACKING compared to N900 rather than gained. Such a shame Nokia squandered the Maemo project from day one and clearly have no faith in Meego either.

    To me it shows their lack of intent by not basing the N9 and N950 on the TI OMAP4430, the natural successor to the N900s TI OMAP3430. They could have really given the Motorola Atrix a run for its money.

    Had the N950 come to market with the TI OMAP4430 in it I might have bought one, instead I was forced to defect over to Android. Shame, as I still love my N900 but was utterly fed up with Nokias attitude preventing it getting any mainstream developer love. There is only so many times I can play Angry Birds.

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