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Here’s What You Needed To Do To Win The N9 Seconds Competition

By - On 4 August 2011 2 Comments

The brilliant N9 Seconds competition, after giving people around the world sleepless nights and barely productive days at work, is now over. With that comes an end to the misery of not being able to break the codes, which I’m sure all of us have spent countless hours over. So if you’re wondering what exactly you had to do in order to break the code and win yourself a Nokia N9, wonder no more as the Nseries blog has published a key.

All The #N9Seconds Codes Explained

Some were easy, some hard and some codes needed your to be a certified geek before you could get close. As you will see, you were very close to cracking some of them, even the hard ones. I know I was.

Many congratulations to the 20 winners and to Nokia for pulling off an exceedingly exciting competition. We can’t wait for the next one! For now, head over to the Nseries blog.

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  • Ben said:

    i cracked most of them, but unfortunately i wasn’t able to beat them by entering the codes sooner.

  • N9PissingOnWp7 said:

    YEHA! All winners will get a tshirt saying:

    “We love you MrFlop for killing Meego!! WP7 RULES!!!”