Swype 2.0 For Symbian Released At The Nokia Beta Labs

If there is one app that makes a huge difference in the usability of touchscreen phones, its Swype, the input method that lets you swype words in, instead of having to resort to the the slower traditional pecking method. The brand new version of Swype 2.0 is now available for Symbian devices at the Nokia Beta Labs.

The update is available for older Symbian 5th Edition devices, Symbian^3 users who haven’t updates to Anna yet and Anna users. There is no special build for Symbian Belle yet, but I’m glad to inform you that the Symbian Anna version seems to work just fine on my N8 running Belle. Infact, the screenshot on the side was taken on that same device.

The Swype 2.0 update brings:

  • Portrait and split-screen support for devices with Symbian Anna
  • Cutting-edge predictive tap auto-correction engine
  • 30 downloadable language dictionaries
  • Many incremental UX changes based on Nokia and Android Beta Labs feedback
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.

You can head over to this page and download it for yourself, if you have Swype from the Ovi Store installed, its best to uninstall that version before updating to the beta.

Get Swyping!

PS: With Nokia being a shareholder in Swype, I hope they are working on a Windows phone version as well.

[Update] Official Nokia Beta Labs post is here.

[via: ZOMG Its Cj, ST]