The Nokia N9 Starts Shipping, Nokia Promises Future Software Support

Nokia Conversations has just let word slip that the Nokia N9 is now well and truly on its way to consumers around the world at an unsubsidized price of EUR 480 for the 16GB and EUR 560 for the 64 GB variant. Sadly there are no specifics about which countries are getting the device, so you will still need to visit your local stores to find out.

The Nokia N9 Starts Shipping, Nokia Promises Future Software Support

The only thing that’s certain is that the N9 will soon start popping up in the wild and you will start seeing more and more unboxing videos. Nokia had opened pre-orders in certain countries a couple of weeks back and consumer demand seemed to have been huge, with the Finnish pre-orders threatening to exceed the supply.

In another post, Nokia while promising future software support for the device states that ‘The first updates will be based on feedback received from operators and consumers and they make the device even more intuitive than before. The availability and content of the updates will be communicated closer to the download start‘.

While it seems the N9 will not be coming to a lot of the major markets around the world,  you should be able to import the device from other markets very soon. With Nokia World and the first Nokia Windows Phones under a month away, are you considering getting the N9?

One thought on “The Nokia N9 Starts Shipping, Nokia Promises Future Software Support”

  1. There has been much mixed feedback on the shipment of the Nokia N9 today.

    Many are exstatic that, at long last, the N9 will be available. Many are also sad that it will not be officially distributed in their country. Others are scathing that it is an orphan device, no apps or support. I could of course go on, but we have heard all the anti Elop/Windows strategy comments.

    Personally, if I recall all my favourite phones from the past. The best phones where those that I bought with both my head and heart.

    The N9 falls into that category; both for me and many others. Who cares what support is provide beyond 3 or 4 years. I certainly expect that there will be a new kid on the block by then.

    p.s I will join the scathing group if I can’t find an N9 in the UK! 🙂

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