Nseries & WOM World Nokia Evolve Into NokiaConnects.com

Change is in the air for Nokia, right from switching from Symbian to Windows Phone, Ovi to Nokia, their new naming scheme, new icons, a few font and perhaps even a new Nokia. In line with these changes comes a fresh new portal, Nokia Connects.

While the website looks great with its minimalist design and the official Nokia font, it brings all the good things that we’ve come to experience from WOM World Nokia and the Nseries blog, both of which are spinning into it.

The trial a Nokia programme is still there, so are all the interesting, yet sometimes non mainstream things about Nokia. There’s even a fun meet the team page. I have it on good authority Nokia Connects debuts now on a bigger,  better scale with plenty of exciting new features and competitions lined up!

There’s a ton of awesome content to look forward to and you should follow @Nokia_Connects on twitter to keep on top of everything, specially those fun competitions. Check the website out, and let them know what you think!

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