The Nokia N9 Unboxing & Overview: In A Class Of Its Own

The N9 is here, I have the black 64 GB variant and I can tell you that the moment you lay your eyes on it, you will be able to say that the N9 in a class of its own. It is easily the best looking device on the market today, truly a pinnacle of Nokia’s design prowess. It feels very premium, the curved display looks spectacular and the whole distraction free (read button free) surface is a real pleasure to look at.

Nokia N9 Unboxing & Overview: In A Class Of Its Own

With that in mind, I put together a little unboxing video (available in HD) for you. In addition to the obvious unboxing, I give you a bit of an overview of the product along with a look at the rubber case that Nokia ships with it. Also included in the box are brand new accessories that Nokia specially designed for the N9, all of which look great.

That aside here a few quick initial impressions as precursor to the detailed review which will follow:

  • The N9, owing to the unibody design and the polycarbonate finish feels incredibly solid in the hand. Since there are literally no moving parts, it feels great in the hand.
  • The display on the N9 is terrific, the screen very close to the surface of the glass and it feels as if you’re touching it directly; almost makes you feel like its floating on top. Easily gives the Super AMOLED Plus on the Galaxy S2 a run for its money, and because its almost the same resolution on a smaller screen (3.9″ v 4.3″), its a lot more crisp.
  • The phone feels responsive, and you’re at home with the Swipe UI in a matter of minutes. Its very intuitive and makes you wonder why nobody else thought of it before. Enabling swipe down to close an app from the settings is recommended, it makes the experience better. There are two more apps that help tremendously, Swipe Manager and My Moves, more on them later.
  • The camera is FAST. The shot to shot time is incredible and you want to keep taking pictures once you get going.
  • The pre-loaded Twitter and Facebook apps are capable, they cover all the bases. The only thing missing is the ability to share pictures on Twitter and that ability is apparently coming in a future update.
  • The out of box service support is great, you can directly upload to Flickr or YouTube. Have multiple Mail for Exchange accounts, other email accounts, and even make Skype calls from the dialer itself. There is also support for IMs on Facebook, Skype and Gtalk.
  • The N9 makes it hard for you to find a fault with it, if you forget the direction Nokia is going in for a minute.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below, or on Twitter @v4ibhav.

15 thoughts on “The Nokia N9 Unboxing & Overview: In A Class Of Its Own”

  1. I love the. N9 really much but my concerns are the games. Will developers develop game for it or not ?
    I’m ok with limited apps but games are must for me

  2. Just imagine: Nokia finally ships a WinPhone and it turns out to be stillborn after a short while. What will they do then?

  3. As a proud owner of two n900 I must say the killer app was conversations, it made the phone a real communication center. The idea of one app, one interface, all protocols (video skype, video gtalk, sip, sms, any chat, etc), was terrific. A phone carrying this will be my next phone, until then I will keep my N900 in my pocket.

    Is this functionality taken over the N9?

  4. @ AGS

    That was imho THE BEST feature of the N900. Using Facebook chat as if it were a series of SMSs was brilliant, I actually used it. You could so easily see all your conversations with different people from literally all your different sources.

  5. So is Conversations also installed on the N9 or not?

    That is the single fact that will make me upgrade to the N9 or will keep my N900 and buy a Samsung Galaxy Note as companion instead.

  6. Can anyone of you tell me pleasssss..that how can I buy it here in new delhi or has it been made available in india ..I m dying to buy it at the earliest ..can I get all information on my email ..I would appreciate your help a lot..

  7. Dear Vaibhav,
    Can you please tell me from where did you buy this phone ?
    Or you used a demo one to review it ?

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