Nokia N9 Review: Swipe UI, Apps & Hardware

In my last post about the Nokia N9, we went through a customary unboxing and a quick overview of the device. I also shared a few initial impressions.

Nokia N9 Review: Swipe UI, Apps & Hardware

This time, we delve a little deeper into the N9’s Swipe UI, go over some of its settings and look at the best ways to setup the N9 for daily use.

I also look at two must have applications for the N9, Swipe Manager and Shortcuts. Swipe Manager brings consistency to your swipes and with the ability to define what action each directional swipe does. For example, you can set it to open the app drawer if you swipe from bottom to top, events view if you swipe from right to left and so on. This makes sure that no matter what you want to do, close an app, goto the launcher, the app switcher or the events view, everything is just a single swipe away.

Next is Shortcuts, it lets you change the four default quick access app on the N9, which the phone won’t let you change otherwise.

What follows is the ten minutes with the Nokia N9 video:

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11 thoughts on “Nokia N9 Review: Swipe UI, Apps & Hardware”

  1. Is Conversations or, in other words, the one-app-for-all-protocols paradigm taken over from the N900 onto the N9? Thanks in advance.

  2. can we make video calls in skype and other calling services..never min…especialy abt skype..there is vga camera…in front…
    i was confused to choose n9 or nokia lumia800 ..the only diff accrdng to me is the cam..nver min the os…..

  3. There are no video calls in Skype, at least not in the current firmware.

    Sadly, WP doesn’t have Skype yet, now that Microsoft’s accquired the company, I’m sure that’ll change fast, to the expect that WP might have the best Skype experience. But then again, the Lumia 800 doesn’t have a front facing camera.

  4. I got my hands on the N9 recently. There aren’t so many places that sell it in the UK, so I ended up getting it from these guys. I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The main appeal of the phone is definitely the design. It’s beautiful both structurally and in terms of the interface.

    I’ve had it for quite a few weeks now and the great thing is that it still looks new. By now, most of the phones I’ve bought in the past look worn, but this thing has no hint of any chip, dint or scratch. Must be a pretty solid build!

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