Video: Nokia Lumia 800 Hands On

I have just spent some hands on time with Nokia’s first Windows Phone device, the Lumia 800 and here are my initial impressions.

  • The design is beautiful, its the same design as the N9, and that’s a very good thing. Most people will not experience the N9 first hand due to limited availability. The Lumia 800 will be the first such device they see, and it looks spectacular. In my N9 post I called the design the best I’ve seen to date and with the Lumia nothing’s changed.
  • The Lumia 800 gets a dedicated camera button and that’s always a welcome feature.
  • The screen size goes from 3.9″ to 3.7″ to accomodate the capacitive touch windows buttons, and that does seem like a disadvantage of using the same design. However, even otherwise the lower .2″ of the screen  would always be occupied by the back buttons on the N9, so when you actually use the Lumia 800 after the N9, the screen doesn’t feel smaller. The only place you’ll probably notice is this while playing videos and looking at pictures.
  • The Windows Phone experience feels natural on the device, this is despite the fact that I am used to the Swipe UI on the N9.
For more watch the video below, we start off with a bit of an introduction and then cut to my thoughts on the device.

The HD version of the video is available here.

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