Lumia 800 Ads Take Over London’s Heathrow Airport, Yet Nokia’s Store There Shuts Down

Just as you enter Terminal 5 of London’s Heathrow airport, you are literally bombarded with Lumia 800 ads. There are six of them, playing on giant screens across the hall, so no matter where you eneter, the Lumia 800 Ad is impossible to miss. It looks great, feels fresh and draws you to it, giving Nokia’s new launch some necessary eyeballs.

As you can see, screen after screen playing the one minute ad, again and again. Infact, its the only advertisement that one can spot before you clear security. Here what it looks like:

Great. But, I do have one problem with Nokia’s approach. There used to be a Nokia Store at Terminal 5, showcasing all the Nokia products in an exclusive setting. That store closed one week before Nokia’s big Lumia reveal. One week before their phones became cool again.

So instead of walking in, seeing the ad and then checking out the Nokia devices in the ad I’ve seen, now I can see the ads and then – nothing. I cross security and I forget about it, or as Nokia would hope, remember to then specially goto a Nokia Store operator/multibrand store to check it out.

Lumia 800 Ads Take Over London's Heathrow Airport, Yet Its Store There Shuts Down

(Nokia’s Terminal 5 Store As It Was)

I have been a big advocate of retail stores and I possibly could not understand why Nokia was shutting down its own online AND retail stores. Even if they don’t make money for you Nokia, its important to keep them. Most people will come checkout the device and if they like it, buy it at a store which was selling them for a lesser price, and Nokia should be fine with that. So even if the Heathrow store just sold 10 Lumia 800’s in a month, it would be fine because of who knows how many people have would have gone back home and ordered that device online or via their operator based on the lovely experience at Nokia’s Store. What’s better than showing off your top device in a place which you control, and thus guarantee that the customer walks away with the best experience ever?

The prices at Nokia’s official retail stores was always more than the bargain people were getting online and that’s why the model seemed to be failing for Nokia. Yet, when priced right retail stores indulge impulse buys and devices like the Lumia 800, have the potential to cause exactly that.

So we need to see Nokia’s Stores come back, online and in the real world. I sure hope some of that marketing money is going this way, because it’d suck for Nokia if they made Windows Phones feel cool with all their spending and then people walked into a multibrand store and picked up a Samsung Focus or a HTC Titan.

5 thoughts on “Lumia 800 Ads Take Over London’s Heathrow Airport, Yet Nokia’s Store There Shuts Down”

  1. I don’t get it either. In the US the Nokia name has vanished from the landscape, as experience centers and flagship stores were closed to be followed by a retreat from sponsorships (ie, Nokia Theater). Just makes zero sense to me…

  2. May be we’ll see them come back soon, although it really makes me wonder how much money did Nokia actually save by going down the route of oblivion in the retail space.

    In contract, at least in India, Nokia literally has a store a stone’s throw away. Most of them are not Nokia Experience stores, but still do a good job in showing the product off.

  3. I know for the NY store it was located in one of the high end districts. While there is a lot of foot traffic in that area (Abercrombie and Fitch, Apple) not too many were going into the Nokia store. Also the Nokia store was very small compared say to the Apple store or even the shake store down the block. They need to realize that marketing is a big part of the US market, people want to feel needed. Hopefully they return though makes it a lot easier to buy phones.

  4. Wow! Finally the kind of blitz advertising that Microsoft should gave done last year. It’s all about hip advertising these days. Look at that crappy iPhone or the mess that is Android. Their only saving grace is the advertising. WP7.5 just kills as an OS. It deserves advertising that kills as well.

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