Now Create Folders On Windows Phone Mango

Windows Phone’s Metro UI is all about tiles and lists and because of this philosophy, the ability to puts folders on the Windows Phone homescreen is missing. So even if you just want a quick shortcut to a favourite app, you’ll have to pin it as a full size tile. However, Microsoft recently embraced the open spirit and let users deploy homebrew code if they so chose by unlocking their device via the ChevronWP7 labs and that has put the following hack into everyone’s hands.

The folder resembles a tile and shows you a preview of the apps that are inside, tap on it and it will present a list of the app in that folder. If there are more apps inside the folder than can be shown on the tile in one go, then it keeps flipping over to show you the others, copying the behavior of other ‘live tiles’ that may reside on your homescreen.


  • Create unlimited folders to pin to your start screen
  • Completely custom groupings (not restricted by categories of any sort)
  • Add Marketplace, homebrew, built-in applications, and websites to a folder
  • Automatic Marketplace look up
  • Automatic homebrew XAP parsing
  • Shortcuts to WiFi, Bluetooth, Flight mode, and cellular settings
  • Fully customizable with the ability to manually edit application entries
  • Folders. Something other Windows Phones don’t have. Gotta love homebrew, no?

If this is something you’d like to implement on your phone, the guys at Windows Phone Hacker have a full tutorial along with a complete video how to. You just need a developer/Chevron unlocked Windows Phone running Mango.