Nokia App Patrol Is Here & Top Informants Get A Free Nokia 700

Not all smartphones users install apps and Nokia isn’t happy about that, so they’re sending in the App Patrol. No I’m serious, read the warning yourself.

It has come to our attention that too many phones are being held hostage in the wrong hands! Owning a Nokia device without installing applications is a technological crime punishable by smartphone law! We are the nokia app patrol and we are watching the streets. We can take your smartphone and your breath away! If you don’t have apps installed we will arrest your heart. We are the Nokia app patrol and you have been warned!

Now watch the hilarious video:

There even have a few ‘app busts’ to show they mean business:

You can find more videos here. Its a really fun campaign encouraging people to download apps from the Nokia Store, so if you know people in your friends circle or even family who don’t use apps, report them and who know you could win yourself a Nokia 700.

Props to ZCJ for the find.