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20 Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

By - On 18 November 2011 25 Comments

The MeeGo Harmattan running Nokia N9 may be the last of its kind, but there seems to be no death of quality apps that are coming out for the device. It already has apps for Facebook, Twitter and a few games like Angry Birds and Need For Speed built in, but there are a few key apps which are missing.

In this post I have complied a list of must have apps for the N9, all of which are free. Most of these apps are available from the Nokia Store and clicking on the name should take you to the download page. Lets get started.

20 Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • DropN9: As the name suggests, its a Dropbox client for the Nokia N9. The app lets you download and upload filed in multiples and is a must have if you are a dropbox user.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Internet Radio: An neat little Internet Radio app for the N9, that features a UI is similar to the default music player with album art being replaced by cover art for the featured radio stations. Discovery is helped along by ‘Hot Picks’, Locations, Language and Genre sections. Detailed post here.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Phone Torch: No frills app that lets you use the inbuilt LED flash as a torch. Launch the app and it immediately turns on the LED and exiting the app closes it.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Photo Enhancer: A free app from Nokia that lets you put filters on images and then share them. There are a bunch of options available like sepia, grayscale, high contrast and so on.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Simple Mirror: There is no way to use the front camera on the N9, unless you are making a video call. But if you would like to use the device as a mirror, does the job well.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • gPodder:  A great podcast client with full integration to the gpodder.net web service and a unique user interface, supporting YouTube and Soundcloud feeds in addition to normal audio and video podcast feeds. gPodder will help you manage and synchronize your podcast subscription and listening status (including resuming, streaming and downloading). Discover new, free content via gpodder.net’s podcast directory.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • File Manager: The N9 comes without an inbuilt file manager and the this free apps fills in perfectly. Its light weight and does everything you would expect from an app of this nature.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Battery Usage: This app mimics the battery usage graph that you may have seen on Android devices. In addition to telling you which app eats how much battery, it can also tell you how much of that battery was consumed in the background and how much was drained while the app was actually in use. This will help you decide if you can leave the app running or whether you should exit everytime you are done with it.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • City Scene: The app lets you explore a bunch of cities in the US and Europe in 3D, much like Google Street view, but with a few extra features.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

Shortcuts: The N9 has a set of 4 quick access shortcuts which you can bring up by swiping up for a short distance and holding it there. The problem is that you cannot change these without an app. Enter Shortcuts which lets you change the four of these by simply dragging an app of your choice to the current location of the shortcut.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

Ionic: An ebook reader for the N9 that supports the EPUB format. It supports navigation by swipe or the volume keys, display themes, brightness control, orientation locking at many more. Create bookmarks with notes, jump to bookmarks or chapters. The Library feature allows ordering books by author or title, inspecting book details, and importing books downloaded from the web.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

Sports Tracker: A long favourite of Nokia users, Sports Tracker lets you track and analyze your workouts, share workout data and photos with your friends. You can also track everything online on the developer’s website.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • ScreenshotMee: It lets you take screenshots using the proximity sensor, just activate the app in the background, navigate to the screen you want to capture and cover the proximity sensor on the top right of the device. Then you can choose to save the screengrab or take a new one.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Photo Frame: Another app published by Nokia that lets you frame pictures and then share them. There are a bunch of frames available.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Rainbow Brush: Brilliant photo manipulation app,  it lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This effect draws the viewer’s attention to the colored areas, creating striking images. You simply use your finger as a brush to remove or bring back the original color from regions of your image. You can zoom in or out to ensure your get the right finish. Highly recommended.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • FlickrUp: A great tool to upload a bunch of pictures to Flickr, you can create photosets, define the resolution, set privacy settings in addition to adding tags and descriptions. Has a pretty UI as well.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9 Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Mes Input: An app that lets you add different keyboard to the N9. Like with Swype, you can swipe from the edge to switch between them. For example, I have a keyboard which gives me quick access to smileys, similarly there are a bunch of other options available. You can even create your own keyboard at www.mesinput.com and use this app to install it on the phone.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Resource Monitor: As the name suggests, this app lets you keep track of the resources that are being used on your device. You can switch between different views that show RAM, Storage and Processes.

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • Date Event: The N9′s events screen shows news, Facebook and twitter streams, but it does not show your upcoming calendar entries and that’s where this app comes in. It displays upcoming entries on the events screen and lets you choose which calendar to pull them from. You can also select the number of days it should show entries from. It is still being developed and isn’t in the Nokia Store, get it here directly .

Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9

  • 3D World Gaze: Cool app for exploring the world around you, built with the premise that the Earth is a giant sphere and we are always on top of it. What follows is that far-away continents and cities are in reality somewhere below you and not linear, like we usually think of them. Detailed write up and video demo here.

So these were my top 20 free apps for the N9/N950. I’m sure I’ve missed out on quite a few other awesome apps, please let me know in the comments section or on Twitter and I’ll do a follow up post!

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  • Simon Pena said:

    Check http://n9-apps.com/xmcr-an-xkcd-reader and http://n9-apps.com/butaca-cinema-information. The first one is an XKCD reader, so maybe it’s not exactly a “must have”, but still very nice. The second one *is* a must have for every cinema lover, providing access to movie info, crew (actors, writers), and movie showtimes.

    Yes, this comment is a bit of self-promotion, since I’m writing those. But these apps’ feedback in the ovi store is really good, so the only thing they need is visibility. I’m confident you’ll enjoy them :)

  • Vaibhav Sharma (author) said:

    I’ll be sure to check them out! Thanks.

  • Nik Rolls said:

    Thanks for featuring my two apps, File Manager and Shortcuts! I had always hoped they’d become ‘essential’ apps and it’s great to see the uptake.

    Simon’s apps are great, especially Butaca. It’s pretty much IMBD for the N9, and it usea themoviedb.org as its data source which is better than IMDB because anyone can improve it. Simon has also kindly provided the Spanish translation for the next release of File Manager!

  • n9apps said:

    you forgot about

    open video player
    heego, nice game

    wait for pyradio, web2sms

    btw, can you review skype on n9?

  • n9apps said:

    hope you extend the top 20 to top 50, including games

  • Vaibhav Sharma (author) said:

    Nik, great apps those! Please keep up the great work!

    N9Apps, thanks for the recommendations. I plan on doing a version 2 as well, I’m personally not a huge gamer so don’t really know which ones to include, but will crowd source and as always suggestions are welcome.

  • Gman said:

    “there seems to be no death of quality apps”

    i think you mean “no dearth”

  • Alex said:

    In my Opinion I would have replaced in your top 20 one of those more or less useless photo manipulation applications with ClipManLite. Free and still very useful.
    And please, have the next time a look at Firefox and Opera, too! :)

  • Jose said:

    Nice apps, there are some still missing though, i.e. WhatsApp and Twitter pictures uploader :(

  • hawk said:

    Hello guys, i purchased the phone in KSA-gulf and i am in india now, i tried to download apps and even tried for software update but every attempy failed.. i cannot connect to nokia account via my n9, it says service currently unavailable.. please help me out solving this issue..

  • Jed said:

    I would’ve included several others…
    Plus there’s some apps that are better than the ones you listed.
    But mostly a solid list, thanks for sharing!

  • J.A. said:

    How not including SeriesFinale? :) http://www.joaquimrocha.com/2011/11/18/seriesfinale-for-harmattan-n9n950/

    This is included also on my N900, and it’s the most used application (even more than calling by phone itself :)).

  • 20 Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9 said:

    [...] The Handheld Blog TAGS: Apps, Harmattan, Meego, MeeGo Harmattan, N9, Nokia, Nokia N9, Nokia [...]

  • Fredrik said:

    The program I want to see the most for N9 is ScummVM.

  • meego said:

    i hope that the mesinput can have an emoticons picture instead of letters, just like the emoji

  • responder said:

    @hawk: first step make sure your ovi account is working properly by using it from a computer. e.g. go to http://maps.nokia.com and try it there.
    Second step: reset your phone – from phone’s reset options: do both of them.

    When you restart “first time” make sure you don’t skip the registrations steps. For that you need access to internet with the phone: GPRS or Wlan.

  • DrexarN9 said:

    I think you’ll need to update the list. There are tons of new apps for MeeGo right now :D

  • yuran said:

    hello guyz , how can a i get whatsapp for my n9?? it’s urgently
    Please, reply to my email yuranboy@hotmail.com.
    my thanks

  • samu said:

    guys why N9 has the most boring music-player and photo-manager that you can’t make your own list of folders for playlist or for photo album ? why? even my E-52 phone had better options, sadly !

  • _devnull_ said:

    I think FM Radio application is one of must have. It has been recently released to the OVI store.

    I Bought it after watching the Demo UI video here: http://fm-radio.mobi

    FM Radio can turn N9 to real FM receiver.

  • _devnull_ said:

    I think this application “must have”: FM Radio. Downloaded that recently and feel very happy. Can not believe that, N9 does not have real FM Radio by default.

    Check UI demo here: http://fm-radio.mobi or download from OVI Store: http://store.ovi.com/content/262564

  • MovieQuest - MovieTorrents said:

    What’s up, the whole thing is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s truly excellent, keep up writing.

  • NightFox said:

    I think you may also want to have a nice fruit game: http://goo.gl/U6Mv0

  • harry said:

    I need fring for my nokia n9 ..can anybody help me???????????

  • Accidentally Deleted recycle bin said:

    My spouse and I stumbled over here different website and thought I should check things out.

    I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to looking at your web page again.