Hands On With The Symbian Belle Powered Nokia 603

The Nokia 603 is a mid-range Symbian Belle device that presents a compelling mash up between price, functionality and style. Powered by a 1 Ghz processor, the 603 packs a 3.5″ capacitive Clear Black LCD display, NFC, a 5 MP ‘full focus’ camera comes in black and white, with a choice of back covers in six different colors ranging from black, white, fuchsia, green to yellow and blue.

Announced in October 2011, the device will go on sale in the next two weeks at around the Rs. 15,000 mark. I got some hands on time with the great looking 603 and here are my initial impressions.

What do you think of Symbian Belle?

4 thoughts on “Hands On With The Symbian Belle Powered Nokia 603”

  1. I don’t mind Symbian one bit, but if the Lumia 710 is only 3-4k more then I’ll consider that also.

  2. You have made really a very good video review of the Nokia 603 which looks really nice with it’s 1Ghz processor paired with the 512 MB of RAM and the world’s brightest display as that in the Nokia 701.It’s looks really great with the clear black display which makes reading in bright sunlight easy.In a nut shell in such a price range Nokia 603 is really an excellent smartphone.

  3. I own it and it is very good for its price tag. Fast, smooth, lots of RAM and CPU power. The EDoF camera is better than I thought, still manages decent focus at about 40 cm (no match for the 5800XM’s AF camera though). It does not have a flash, but neither does the Samsung Galaxy S and nobody seems to care. The interface is very good, better than Gingerbread IMO (I own a Galaxy Tab too). The only serious drawback is the microSIM: One week after purchasing the phone I still did not manage to get one and I am still using the phone on wifi only.

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