Successor Match: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 808 PureView

Successor Match: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 808 PureView The Nokia N8 has been the best camera phone on the market for the past one year, even coming close to a DSLR in good light. The PureView 808 with its 41 Megapixel sensor promises to take that title away from its very able predecessor. While I was not able to do a camera shootout between the two, I was able to do a full hands-on comparison between the two.

The N8 now runs Nokia Belle, while the 808 will ships with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. Then it also has a 1.3 Ghz processor, compared to the 680 mhz chip on the N8. Also inside is a much more powerful GPU and another dedicated chip that takes the load off the camera.

Here is the full rundown (YouTube HD link):

4 thoughts on “Successor Match: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 808 PureView”

  1. Are pixels visible on the screen? The specs list states it has 360x640px resolution in a 4″ display.
    The casing on the N8 looks better (more robust). But the camera on this phone is a beast!

  2. Well, the 640 x 480 resolution is a little on the lower side, no doubt. But since the display has Nokia’s Clear Black technology, it does look really vibrant. But if you look closely individual pixels can be made out, just like the E7 or the X7 before it.

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