Hilarious ‘Blown Away By Lumia’ Video, No Wonder Samsung Was Hot Under The Collar

Both Microsoft’s ‘Smoked By Windows Phone’ and Nokia India’s ‘Blown Away By Lumia’ campaigns have not been without their share of controversies, but one thing which you cannot take away from them is that they are fun. Not only do they get the point about Windows Phone’s deep social integration and other functionality across to those taking part, but they make for great online viewing as well.

No one is happy to loose, so watching people react to being blown away is always entertaining. I came across one such absolutely hilarious video (courtesy @labnol) which I had to share.

Most guys take their phones seriously, and when your flagship device looses, its not a good feeling. But the real burn for the poor guy was when his girlfriend couldn’t help but quip, ‘your phone is the worst piece of shit!’ Ouch. I can’t image how that made Samsung feel.

That’s why Samsung doesn’t seem to happy about Nokia India’s ‘Blown Away By Lumia’ campaign. They could possibly have digested ‘My Samsung Galaxy got blown away’ but the ‘your phone is a piece of shit’ endorsement in a Nokia video probably did it for them. Infact  Samsung got so hot under the collar that they called the whole campaign ‘unethical‘. They seem to think that Nokia was targeting their devices, but a quick look at Nokia India’s YouTube channel shows that the campaign covered devices from across the spectrum. Infact, the only reason you see more Samsung devices is because in the changed world order Samsung is commanding a greater marketshare and thus by sheer logic more people on the street will be carrying a Samsung device than a BlackBerry, HTC or an iPhone.

For their part Nokia says Nielsen validated the campaign and that the Lumia 800 emerged as a clear winner by winning 94% of the total 104 challenges timed by Nielsen. Samsung been pretty aggressive in the past with its Omnia Taxis, and Nokia is only just starting to move away from its ‘we’ll let our products to the talking’ stance and get aggressive. I’d like to see them take it up a notch.

Fun times ahead.

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  1. Wow this is a bullshit test, so many variables not taken into account. I bet the lumia guy is using wifi, and has a widget tile prepared.

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