Wazapp Is WhatsApp For The Nokia N9, Now Available For Download

Last month I mentioned that a community based solution for bringing WhatsApp to the Nokia N9 was in the works, and today it is finally available for download. Its developer Tarek Galal had realsed a first look video of it running on the N9 a while ago, and now you can grab the .deb file and install it on your own device.

The application is still beta so there might be a few bugs here and there, but its a pretty great accomplishment for the community. Head over the Wazapp.IM and download the app.

The lack of a WhatsApp client was a huge blow to the N9, and I hope WhatsApp reaches across to the developer and helps him in his efforts, rather than try and kill the unofficial port.

[via: My Nokia Blog]

27 thoughts on “Wazapp Is WhatsApp For The Nokia N9, Now Available For Download”

  1. this phone is a complete disappointment. i spent the whole day trying to instal to no avail. shame on Nokia for making such a good yet good for nothing phone

  2. am also disappionted in the nokia N9,dnt know what was the point nokia for creating something so beautiful and useless

  3. Am very disappointed for wasting my money to buy this useless phone call N9. Shame on NOKIA….

  4. downloaded wazapp but it’ll never go online!! it keeps telling me that I’m offline! um! help please!!

  5. Hi I Dont No Before Thats N9 Dosent Have WhatsApp I will nevet Purchase this stupid device Shame On Nokia

  6. I am fed up with useless nokia n9 i cant download whatsapp app if anyone have idea how to download please please help

  7. I spent my money to buy this stupid fine call n9 i cant even have conversation on Walsall shame on Nokia n i hate Nokia i prefer Chinese fine than n9

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