Nokia 808 PureView Goes On Sale In India For 29999 [Updated]

After a bit of wait since its announcement at the Mobile World Congress, the PureView 808 has gone on sale in India at a reasonable 29,999 INR. The device is in stock at Nokia’s online store and you can buy it with a promise of delivery within 4 working days.

The only colour that seems to be available at the moment is black, but if you’re looking for some 41 Megapixel goodness, that’s shouldn’t hold you back as the black suits the 808 very well. Although, my personal favourite is the white variant.

Nokia had promised a May release for India, and they’ve delivered, making India one of the first countries in the world to receive the PureView 808.

Update: Its been pulled. Looks like someone jumped the gun, and the PureView 808 isn’t on sale yet. It seems we should have taken the ‘coming soon’ text on the image a little more seriously.

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