Nokia 808 Pureview Unboxing: 41 Megapixel Goodness

The Nokia 808 PureView recently started shipping in various countries around the world including India, and this is what the retail India unit looks like. The devices comes with a 12 month subscription to DRM-free music from the Nokia Music Store that gives you access to over 40 lakh songs, I’m a huge fan of this service, and coupled with the FM-transmitter in the PureView 808, its a real breeze to use.

I will not go over the basic specifications of the device again, as I’ve previewed it extensively in the past. What I’m looking forward to is Nokia’s rich recording technology for videos that lets you capture excellent sound. Plus, this is the first smartphone that can actually let you get lossless zoom during HD video recording. Not only that the 808 uses the full frame of the camera to give you a nice wide angle even when you are shooting in 1080p.

Another aspect that Nokia really has going for the 808 is that the apps on the Nokia Store are incredibly cheap. You can buy high quality apps like Gravity and Joikuspot for as little as Rs. 35 and most other apps are just Rs. 5. This coupled with operator billing makes purchases really seamless. All in all you get the feeling that by buying a 808 PureView you’re not only getting unlimited DRM free music and worldwide navigation, but also a ton of apps for free.

Without further ado, behold the 808 PureView unboxing:

3 thoughts on “Nokia 808 Pureview Unboxing: 41 Megapixel Goodness”

  1. Hello there. Knowing that the N8 couldn’t play video files bigger than 2GB, I’d like to know what are the limitations on the 808 Pureview, if there are any. I’d love to know that I could play an entire movie in 720p or even 1080p, in .mp4 or .mkv , without any worries 😀 Thank you in advance.

  2. Could you do a purple tint test, using the grey shares image? also how long is the subscription of the ovi music valid? 1 year? or a standard 3 months?
    also i want a detailed audio quality test, from the earphones that shipped with it.
    Thanks !

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