Foodies: Zomato Updated To Take Advantage Of Windows Phone 8

Zomato is the go-to app if you’re looking for food. It detects your location and gives you the names, menus, photos and contact details of restaurants around you. You can sort by price, whether they deliver, distance and even search for places to eat in other localities. Recently, Zomato has expanded to other countries apart from India, and covers 70,000 restaurants across India, United Kingdom, UAE and Sri Lanka. If its available in your region I recommend you give it a shot.

Another feature that they’ve recently rolled out is titles. Depending on how actively you review restaurants, you can go from being a simple ‘Foodie’ to ‘Connoisseur’. You can also follow other people, and there’s even a top 25 list if you’re the competitive kind. Zomato’s had an Windows Phone app for a while that worked on WP8 as well, but it wasn’t optimised for it. The recent update brings a whole new experience, starting with the UI.

Foodies: Zomato Updated To Take Advantage Of Windows Phone 8 Foodies: Zomato Updated To Take Advantage Of Windows Phone 8

The Zomato homescreen looks like the Windows Phone 8 home screen, what with the different sections that look like tiles. Next, it launches faster and resumes instantly. So even if you open the app from its tile again, it’ll resume from the same screen you left it at. If you want, it can even take over your lockscreen and display pictures of food there.

Features include:

  • Search for restaurants by location/cuisine/name
  • Get personalized recommendations through notifications by following foodies with similar taste and opinion on Zomato
  • Use “open now” filter to find restaurants open at a specific time
  • Find what you are craving – search within the 3 million dishes being served across 70,000 restaurants across 18 cities being covered by Zomato
  • View Menu, Pictures, Directions, Contact and all the other information you need to choose a restaurant for Dine-out, Delivery, Nightlife or Takeaway
  • Rate and Review restaurants directly from the app
  • Add restaurants to Favorites/Wishlist/Been-there and create a “to-do” list of restaurants

Get Zomato from the Windows Phone Store for free.