Tizen Conference Schedule Announced

Tizen is poised to be Samsung Mobile’s next big bet, as it looks to reduce its dependence on Android as its primary cash cow. The operating system was born from the ashes of MeeGo, Intel and Nokia’s open source alliance, but doesn’t share much with the now doomed platform. Intel remains the common link, and along with Samsung and other partners, the brand new HTML5 centric OS has been in development for over 18 months now.

Tizen Conference Schedule Announced

While it started out as an out and out HTML5 platform, with apps and the UI being done in HTML5, with Tizen 2.0, it’s added brand new native application layer as well. Further, Samsung has also announced that it will be folding Bada into Tizen, and that Tizen devices will be able to run Bada apps. More than one Tizen device is expected from Samsung this year, and the upcoming Tizen Developer Conference should reveal a lot more.

The first schedule of the sessions that can be expected at the Conference has been announced, and it includes three tracks:

1. Application development and deployment
2. Platform and device development
3. Tizen project, process, and progress – A look at the Tizen architecture, Tizen Store, In-Vehicle infotainment.

The official Tizen blog has a break-up of all the sessions inside these tracks. If you’re interested in Tizen, there’s still time to register for the Conference.