Demo: LG Pocket Printer – Wireless Printing On The Go

At LG’s Tech Show yesterday, I played with their upcoming Pocket Photo Printer, the PD233. The device lets you print 2×3 inch photos without needing power, and measures only 72.4×120.9×24.0 mm, a very impressive size for a printer. It is accompanied by LG’s Pocket Photo App that lets you edit the photo you’ve taken before printing it. You can crop, add a QR codes, filters, stickers, make it into a card etc.

Pairing with the printer happens using NFC, or the traditional Bluetooth setup. This means that almost every smartphone should be able to connect to the printer, officially it supports iOS and Android.

LG Pocket Photo Printer

The printer takes about 45 seconds to spit a photo out, this is from the time you hit print on the phone. It comes with a 500 mAh battery than can be fully charged in 1 and a half hours and prints 15 sheets when full. The printer is cartridge free and uses inkless printing technology from ZINK. The process uses heat to activate the colour forming chemistry within the ZINK 2.0 paper to create the photo.

I am told that the Zink paper will be sold separately in the market, and will cost about 700 INR (12.9$) for 30 sheets, taking the per photo cost to just over 20 INR. Video demo below:

The LG Pocket Photo Printer is expected to retail at Rs. 15,000 INR, and will hit stores in India in the coming months.

While 2×3″ photos may not sound terribly exciting, the fact that that wireless printing technology can now rest in your pocket is definitely a sign of the things to come.