Lumia 928 For Verizon: Unboxing & Overview

The Lumia 928 is the only Lumia that comes with a Xenon flash, 3 high amplitude audio capture mics and a loud speaker with more thumb than most of its competition. If along with Verizon’s excellent LTE network, these are things that excite you, then read on for the unboxing and overview of this device, that costs $99 on contract.

Lumia 928

The Lumia 928 while looking different from the Lumia 920 (more square than rounded, less colour options) is still very similar to it. Most internals are still the same, a 1.5 Ghz dual core Snapdragon S4 chip, 1 GB of RAM, NFC, a 2000 mAh battery, a 4.5″ Gorilla Glass 2, super sensitive Pure Motion HD+ display, 8.7 MP Carl Zeiss camera with optical image stabilisation, HERE apps, Nokia Music and other apps like Smart Shoot, Cinemagram camera lenses.

Where the Lumia 928 improves is:

  • Despite packing a Xenon flash, is only 10.1 mm thick.
  • 3 HAAC mics for great audio capture no matter where you’re shooting.
  • A louder speaker on the back (although the quality can be iffy at full volume).

(YouTube link)

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