Shazam Now Integrates With Nokia Music

Shazam is one of my favourite apps, and I always wondered why it didn’t integrate with Nokia Music, specially now that Windows Phone 8 lets apps talk to each other. I tweeted this to the Shazam team, they responded. Fast forward a few months, and the integration is live.

The brand new Shazam app for Windows Phone 8 now lets you simply tap on the Nokia Music button in the song you’ve tagged, and it takes you the music store where you can buy/download the song.

Shazam Nokia Music -1 Shazam Nokia Music -2

This Shazam + Nokia Music combo is even more awesome if you live in India, or another country where Nokia Music has a subscription model. You listen to a song, like it, tag it and download it, all for the grand cost of zero.

In addition to Nokia Music, Shazam also gives you options to view the song on YouTube or download it from Xbox Music or get the artist biography or Discography.

Shazam Now Integrates With Nokia Music

If you don’t already have it, get Shazam here.