The 3rd Tizen Dev. Conference Kicks Off June 2nd, Devices Expected By End Of Q2

Tizen is the platform that comes into news ever so often, and just when everyone is sure that we shall finally see a smartphone based on the platform actually hit the market, something else does. First it was Samsung’s NX 300M camera that turned out to be Tizen based, then at the MWC Samsung announced the Tizen powered Gear 2. NTT DoCoMo was widely tipped to carry a Tizen based smartphone earlier this year, but that came to naught with the carrier pulling out. What added even more fuel to the fire was the big Samsung – Google handshake that led to a multi year patent deal that also resulted in Samsung deciding to pull back on its Android customisations in Touch Wiz. In an obvious fallout, it seemed that Samsung was going to back off from Tizen.

Tizen Dev Conf 2014

But then the Tizen powered Gear 2 came out, and now we have news of the 3rd Tizen Developers Conference that’s happening June 2-4, 2014 in San Francisco. So its not all bad news, and things are once again beginning to look up for this platform that Samsung will one day use to target Android. Another interesting bit of news comes from Samsung’s product strategy VP Yoon Han-kil who has let it slip that two Tizen powered smartphones will ship before the end of Q2, one high end and another to cater to the mass market.

Tizen 3.0 was expected in Q3 2014, so an end Q2 launch might mean that we will have one device running Tizen 3.0 and the lower end version chugging along on Tizen Mobile Lite.

Coincidentally, the Tizen Dev. Conference overlaps with Apple’s WWDC Conference that also happens in San Francisco from June 2-6. Samsung and Intel would probably be more than happy if a few iOS developers decide to swing by, if fact it might be a good move to waive the 99$ registration fee for those with WWDC badges.

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