Tizen Developer Conference 2014 Highlights

Tizen has come a long way since the last Developer Conference. In 2013  we just had the NX 300 camera in terms of real world devices running Tizen. Today we have a TV, a camera, the Gear smart watches and the just announced Samsung Z smartphone. With the exception of the TV, a demo of which you can find here, all other products are or will be in stores very soon. There is also an in-vehicle infotainment demo that is being showcased in a Land Rouver and a Chevy Corvette.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014

Tizen had its roots in an HTML5 based operating system, but since then has expanded to include native code. Which means that high intensity graphics are completely at home and the UI itself feels smooth and the frame rates remain high. The OS has had a tumulus journey, with people wondering if it was going to survive the Samsung-Google cross patent deal. But it does seem like Samsung is completely behind the project and is still looking to leverage its bets.

The major theme of the Tizen keynote was, Tizen – the OS of everything.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -1

Home automation is the next big focus area for Tizen, and Samsung has a demo of an automated home at the Conference floor.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -11

It features individual controls for cleaning robots, air conditioners, lights – but also a ‘leaving home mode’ that kills the AC and lights, but acts as a cue for the cleaning robot to get cracking.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -2

Despite the native code, Tizen is still focussed on HTML5 and delivering a powerful experience with it.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -4

The answer to, why Tizen?

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -5

The big star of the show, for obvious reasons, is the Samsung Z. You can find the specs here, and a demo of the UI here.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -6

It comes with Samsung’s suite of ‘S’ apps like S Health. Also present is functionality that was seen on the Galaxy S5 like a fingerprint sensor, and a heart rate monitor.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -7

A Russia focussed App challenge has also been announced. Details here.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -8

There is also a Gear App challenge. Prize money worth $1.25M is in play. Details here.

Tizen Developer Conference 2014 -10

Some major announcements for the Tizen Store. 100% revenue sharing for one year, no sign up and app submissions fees.

Stay tuned for more.

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