How to replace the ‘Connect’ tab in Apple Music with ‘Playlists’

A component of Apple Music that really differentiates it from other solutions is its ‘Apple Connect’ functionality that lets you follow your favourite artists, in what feels like a mashup of following them on Twitter and Facebook, but in one timeline.

However, a lot of us simply won’t use it that much, and it would be so much easier if it were possible to replace that handy shortcut with ‘Playlists’, a tab you’ll use far more frequently. It is.

To do so goto Settings>General>Restrictions and enable restrictions, if you haven’t already.  From that screen simply disable ‘Apple Music Connect’.

Once disabled, the Apple Music tab at the bottom will change from this:

To this:

Do note that this will disable Connect completely, and you will not be able to find it in any of the menus. Getting it back however is a matter of toggling the restrictions setting.

via: MacRumours

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