Apple’s ₹10 App Store Pricing Goes Live In India

Apple recently introduced new pricing slabs for the App Store in ’emerging’ markets that let developers charge less than the standard 1 USD minimum that we have come to expect. Today a new section went up in the App Store that highlights some of these apps and games that are priced at just Rs. 10 i.e. less than one fifth of a Dollar.

The section includes some pretty useful apps, such as Pixelmator that otherwise sells for 5$. For anyone switching from Android, that will help ease the pain of buying new apps and rebuilding the library, but for someone firmly in Apple’s ecosystem, it’s like apps just went free.

One word of caution though, there still seems to be some backend issues that Apple needs to fix. For example the App Store showed me a ₹10 price, but I was actually billed the standard ₹60 when I bought the App, the price it’s on sale for currently (1$).

11 thoughts on “Apple’s ₹10 App Store Pricing Goes Live In India”

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