Apple Store App Now Available In India

Arguably the fastest way to order an Apple product online is though the company’s Apple Store App. Previously it was only available in countries where Apple’s official online store existed. However it is now available in India as well. Earlier you had to sign in with an Apple account associated with another country to download it.

You can choose a country and proceed to use the app as if you were there. This would be useful for those looking to order the iPhone X from countries such as the US, as now the warranty would remain valid in India as well.

Just in time for the pre-orders.

46 thoughts on “Apple Store App Now Available In India”

  1. This is a best app to get details of  products. But it’s not available for India, makes disappointing us. Awaiting for you ppl to launch  store in India soon and add the india, I this Apple Store app…

  2. I vouch this is great advice. I order a lot from the apple store, but there’s some things you can’t get from them like appliance repairs. I know a good team for that in Regina if you’re interested. If you want you can check them out but always remember the apple store is where it’s at for appliance products and not other stuff like appliance repairs. I had to learn that the hard way even when repairing appliance devices at my home!

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