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Our focus will be on news, reviews, guides and videos across the three major ecosystems – iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and to help you get more from your device.

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Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma is the founder of The Handheld Blog, and before it The Symbian Blog, Maemo Central and The MeeGo Blog. A lawyer by profession, Vaibhav has been enjoying technology for the last 27 years, and covering it for the last seven. Vaibhav’s name also finds mention on the Forbes list of the ‘Top Ten Power Influencers in Mobile’.

Despite practicing law full time, he cannot help but keep a constant eye on technologies that are changing the world today, and ones that promise to write a whole new future.

When away from technology, Vaibhav can be found at the local multiplex or taking trips across the planet, feeding his desire to travel the world.

Vaibhav can be found on Twitter @v4ibhav.


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